VxWorks Data question


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    Is there anyone out there who has successfully used vxVMI? We have a safety critical application (Human Safety involved) and need to convince everyone (including deities and other supiour beings) that our software is "fool proof" or at least a reasonable facimily of it. WRS sold us vxVMI and we tried to impliment a task level MMU scheme (unbearably restrictive), and currently have a text segment protection scheme, but no stack or data item protection. The lack of stack protection is causing our Safety Engineer some amount of grief, and I worry about the data area protection (I am a pessimist anyway...). Environment: PPC7410 (a DY4 SVME-181 card). vxWorks 5.5. DY4's BSP for the '181. Any thoughts or other users of this product? John Cosgrove Raytheon, IDS, Portsmouth, (USA, and UK temporarily) Software Technical Lead XXXX@XXXXX.COM XXXX@XXXXX.COM (401)842-4167
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    I am a kernel configuration newbie and have run into a few problems that I was hoping someone might be able to answer or offer me advice on. I am using Tornado 2.2 and made some memory map changes to my MCP750 kernel essentially flattening out the memory map - making all the translation offsets 0. My Kernel builds and boots. However, some PMC cards work fine and others do not. I have one card that does not receive interrupts for some reason??? The card is a VMIC 5565 reflective memory card, and I can run a test driver that will send interrupts to other cards on the network, but if the 5565 is on a MCP750 running my kernel it does not receive the interrupts sent to it. Any ideas??? I appreciate any help or advice.
  • 3. vxWorks boot memory regions...
    Hi all. This is something that I'm not quite sure how it works, but it does... Maybe some of you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance! Question - on my system (PPC 8260 vxWorks 5.4) I boot from flash. So I have a ROM image (flash) is sitting at address 0xfe000000 - 0xfe100000 (1MB flash). So, we bootup and the hardware configuration word is residing at 0xfe000000, which is ok. But when I bootup, vxWorks jumps to 0xfff00100. But there is nothing located at 0xfff00100!?!?!?!?!? no memory, flash is not there..etc. Why 0xfff00100? (assuming BMS = 0 and CPS = 10) Any explainations would be great. Thanks. john

VxWorks Data question

Postby mail » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 20:46:23 GMT

I'm designing some classes that implement menuing logic.  I don't want
to embedded the menu data into the code.  Aside from storing and
reading it from a file, is there a way to define the DATA within a
section of the code in VxWorks?  I remember in the old days of Basic,
you can define a data section where you can read your data from.  If
there is, can you please describe this interface and how to interact
with it?


Re: VxWorks Data question

Postby Keith Arner nospam » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 21:42:19 GMT

I take it you want to store a bunch of raw data in memory, then read it in
through a file descriptor (e.g., with read())?  In that case, look into
memDrv(), which allows you to treat a region of memory as a file for I/O


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