VxWorks Programmers Guide


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  • 1. C programming on vxWorks
    Hi I am a newbie and so I am sorry if I am repeating this question!! How do I write c code, compile it, execute it and view the output on vxWorks. I used cc386 but it says command not found kind of thing.( Using Tornado's simulator shell for now). Thanks in advance!
  • 2. interfacing a floppy
    Hi list, Iam trying to interface a floppy on the target machine using a vxWorks.st_rom image.The dosFs support has been enabled for the image.But when I typed devs,what I find is there is not entry for floppy at all.It shows two tyCo devices,and two console devices. and one null device.But the iosDrvShow is showing 6 different drivers installed.The devs shows that the devices shown are linked to driver numbers 0,1 and 2.Driver no. 0 doesn't exist atll in the driver table shown. The end objective is to create a file in the floppy and write/read its contents.It is an IDE interface and Iam working on tornado 2.0 ,vxWorks 5.4,386 machine.Can someone share the steps to be followed to achieve the objective and/or clarify the doubts encountered. Thank you. cheers- kk
  • 3. how to make ifMaskSet work
    In the project, boss has asked me to treat a Device on PCI as a network card. I have used templateEnd.c to write a driver. and I use ipAttach to attach the driver to the potocol stack. Use muxShow and ifShow, things seems Ok. but problem begins, the ifMaskSet return -1! Could anybody tell me on which function ifMaskSet is depent on? Thanks
  • 4. Interrupt generated crash
    Hello everybody. I'm using three boards that are working together with VxWorks 5.4.2 as OS. A board (board A) generates an interrupt that is usually handled by another board (board B). When for the 6th time board A generates the same interrupt (in the meanwhile my SW does other things of course), board B resets (it starts again from the boot procedure). Have you got any idea on what I can do to debug this issue? Can you tell me how I can check if the interrupt table (the table that assigns an interrupt handler to a given interrupt vector) has been corrupted in the mean while? Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Ska
  • 5. Function Patching in VxWorks
    Hi, We are using Vxworks 5.5 as web server in our Network Management application. Recently the "UDMA ATA vxWorks Driver" have been updated by our core team and from that time some of our functionalities were affected. We are getting bus error in memPartFree function which is called by memAddToPool (free()). But the strange thing is I created a patch on the function which is calling "free()". I have put a comment line and haven't added anything else. By putting the patch on the webserver our application started working properly. No bus error and no problem. Could anybody please let me know, what is the root cause of the problem. Regards, Shesha

VxWorks Programmers Guide

Postby Kwesi Walker » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 07:20:53 GMT

Please help.  I need a soft copy of this documentation.

thank you

Re: VxWorks Programmers Guide

Postby john_94501 » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 12:45:38 GMT


Since you work at Nortel, I would suggest asking around internally -
IIRC, your employer has licenses to pretty much everything and I'm
sure they must have the PDF version of the docs somewhere.

Also, check on the Wind River support site (assuming you, or somebody
in your group, has a login). The docs were all on there too in PDF

If all else fails, try using Yahoo search (Google didn't find them
last time I looked which is odd because it used to find plenty) -
there are some sites out there with PDF and others with HTML copies

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Re: VxWorks Programmers Guide

Postby s_subbarayan » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 13:06:19 GMT

If you have bought the OS definitely softcopy should be available with
you.Theres also one more site where if you have any doubt u can google

Re: VxWorks Programmers Guide

Postby mail » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 20:29:49 GMT


Re: VxWorks Programmers Guide

Postby Kwesi Walker » Fri, 16 Jul 2004 01:01:41 GMT

Thank you.  I checked internally and we were having trouble locating one.
But I finally got a PDF copy.  Interesting that google had nothing.

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