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  • 1. vxworks compile error
    when I compile my project under vxworks, I encountered such error message: d: \myprj\make fatal error in make: Access is denied. make-376: [usrConfig_st.o] Error 0x5 (ignored) however make is always OK before. Can anyone tell why this error is occuring? regards. forest
  • 2. Memory Leak Detection tool
    Hello All, I was looking for some memory leak detection tools.. Would appreciate any leads.. -Yogesh
  • 3. Serial port sending message and waiting for reply
    Hello I need to communicate with a serial device I have to send command and wait for reply I am looking for the best way to achieve that I think that a simple way is to open the port , wriet data to serial port , execute taskdelay the read data serial_handle = open("/tyCo/0", O_RDWR, NULL); fdprintf(serial_handle,"help"\n); taskDelay (4); read(serial_handle, buffer, 1); Is this correct ? is there a best way ?
  • 4. VXWORKS simulator
    Can anyone provide me links to where i can find a free vxworks simulator for windows?
  • 5. Need value of IFF_MULTICAST
    What value does IFF_MULTICAST flag holds in vxworks. -Regards Atanu


Postby gd » Sat, 09 Dec 2006 19:14:32 GMT

I am looking for information on the API of the DO-178B version.
What ar the differences to the standard VxWorks API?

Re: DO-178B API

Postby LarryC » Sun, 10 Dec 2006 00:10:50 GMT


The 178B certified version of vxWorks is a subset of the regular API.
Things that could not be easily tested have been left out. Check out
the white paper at

There is also the ARINC 653 time/space partioned version of vxWorks,
which is also used for safety critical systems that has an API
consistent with the ARINC APEX standard.  That is documented in VxWorks
653 Programmers Guide 2.1.pdf.  You should be able to get both by
asking a rep, FAE, or maybe just requesting them online.

Good luck,

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