taskDelay must be used?


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    Hi! I'm looking for advice - is there list of hardware (I mean not primary processor, but rather other on-board devices/controllers) supported with latests VxWorks releases? something like - the name of hardware (chip, vendor, id) and name of VxWorks driver... Thank you.
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    Hi all , I create two tasks in the vxworks , each task open one file for write access . When I add log message in the ataRW function , it outputs as the following : ........ Create test1 file <--- all is ok at this time ........ Create test2 file 0x7b2660 (tOne): ataRW: ctrl=4 drive=0 c=1851 h=0 s=224 buf=0x78c8e0 0x7b2660 (tOne): n=240 dir=1 0x7b2660 (tOne): ataRW: ctrl=4 drive=0 c=1 h=0 s=0 buf=0x7b2ef8 0x7b2660 (tOne): n=8 dir=1 0x7b2660 (tOne): ataRW: ctrl=4 drive=0 c=27 h=0 s=48 buf=0x7b2ef8 0x7b2660 (tOne): n=8 dir=0 0x6ac6c8 (tTwo): ataRW: ctrl=4 drive=0 c=27 h=0 s=48 buf=0x7b2ef8 0x6ac6c8 (tTwo): n=8 dir=1 <--- it looks like task2 update the task1's file information to disk , is it right ? at this time , file2 is not created at all , this message is the first log message that printed by task2 . I believe in that VxWorks can support simultaneously file access by different task , but can anyone explain it ? thanks a lot .

taskDelay must be used?

Postby defektemotor » Sun, 23 Dec 2007 04:19:18 GMT

Hi, I'm learning vxworks.
so i have so many problems. One of them is about 'taskdelay'.
if i run my program with taskdelay, all  tasks are pended or only one
task,which have highest priority, infinitely run and run.
but if i write taskDelay at the end of each task, then all programs
i made the program with priority-based scheduling.
so i have tried to search any example code about using taskDelay and
all kind of semaphore usage.

Please, answer to me enough to understand or introduce to me useful

Re: taskDelay must be used?

Postby Sadashiv » Sun, 23 Dec 2007 15:05:47 GMT

taskDelay() pends the calling task only for the specified ticks. It
does not affect other tasks.


Re: taskDelay must be used?

Postby Jeffrey Creem » Sun, 23 Dec 2007 23:15:01 GMT

Sadashiv was correct in the posting that indicated taskDelay pends the 
calling task only however it is my feeling that your question(s) above 
are really quite a bit more basic and that you need to start from the 
basics when it comes to concurrent programming.

I don't have any good websites handy that start at the level that you 
should start at.

I'd recommend a good book such as something like 
 http://www.**--****.com/ (Note, this is a link to amazon)

Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming (2nd Edition) 
(Prentice-Hall International Series in Computer Science) (Paperback)

I know this is a big book and pretty basic but I strongly recommend that 
you read it or something like it before diving in and writing a lot of 
code that uses tasks. Over the years I have seen a lot of code that 
attempts to use tasking without a basic understanding of the concepts 
involved and I can assure you that writing code without understand this 
will frustrate you and anyone who has to maintain your software in the 

Note that this is not a vxWorks book but a basic concepts book which is 
really where one needs to start.

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