nfsMount timeout


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nfsMount timeout

Postby c_apple » Fri, 09 Jan 2004 05:13:42 GMT

Is there anyway of shortening the timeout associated with a failing
call to nfsMount?  Under certain circumstances, I am expecting the
call to fail, but don't want the task to hang up for a minute.  I have
tried modifying nfsTimeoutSec and nfsReXmitSec at different locations
in vxWorks startup (including usrRoot()).


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1.Regarding VxWorks NFSMOUNT and PING

Hi All,

   I'm facing a strange problem with the VxWorks nfsMount().  I have
an image with both TFFS and NFS enabled where the TFFS is correctly
formatted and mounted. To copy the host file (I have a VxWorks.REL
file thats propreitory) which is to be loaded to the TFFS. I plan to
use the NFS where in I will map a host file system to the target and
by using the nfsMount() call (actual syntax that is used is given
below), I will mount the NFS and subsequently using a copy call I
shall copy the host file to the target file system.As the nfsMount()
and copy were failing (returning -1) in my image, I used a certain
different image from somebody (built for the same processor) and tried
the above sequence and found working.Also in my image PING was
returning "Host Unreacheable" where as in the second image PING was
able to get the replies from the destination.I had enabled all the
kernel components in the first image related to the PING, IFCONFIG,
IPATTACH, TFTP etc (point to be noted here is that IFCONFIG and TFTP
are working).Using TFTP I can load the vxWorks elf image to the target
and run that.The problem is related (I feel) to the ipAttach not
getting called and subsequent to that the IP Stack is not initialized
which prevents PING from returning success and subsequently the
nfsMount() etc fail.

The commands that I used for the NFS are given below.

hostAdd "NFSSRV",""
where is my host IP Addr. (My target IP addr is - just for the info)


nfsMount "NFSSRV", "/export/src", "/nfssrv/"
where "/export/src" is the name of the file system (C:\Rel) on my Win
XP system.

(The NFS Server that I'm using on the WIn XP system is an Allegro NFS
server.) ie "/export/src" is the alias for C:\Rel folder where my file
to be loaded to the file system (vxWorks.REL) lies.The same set of
commands work for the second image that I mentioned earlier but the
first image returns -1 for the nfsMount() eventhough the hostAdd works
fine using both the images.

Once the mount is success in case of the second image you can CD to
the "/nffssrv" and list the contents (vxWorks.REL) by issuing "ls".
Once these things work fine then the copy command is given as below.

copy "vxWorks.REL" , "/nffssrv/vxWorks.REL"

which correctly copies the expected file in case of the second image.
What could be a problem with my first image? I tried to compare the
prjComps.h from both the workspaces and tried to enable the missing
the components in the first project's kernel config and rebuilt the
first image and still the calls were failing. Could anybody help me in
this regard? I feel something is terribly missing in the kernel
configuration related to the IP Stack, but I'm not able to find out.

I hope the explanation is okay enough to detail the problem statement.
If anything more is required please ask me.

Thanking you all,


2.How to use "nfsMount" if the host is a Windows PC.

3.[VxW] How to use "nfsMount" if the host is a Windows PC.

Call like this:
nfsMount "frank-zhao", "/etc/", "etc"
Make sure you don't put '/' before the second "etc"
And maybe you should also call nfsDrv before calling nfsMount

"frank.zhao" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > 
> Hi, all
>  I want to use nfsMount command to mount onto my PC.
> But I failed.
> I do have downloaded a NFS server (NFSAxe).
> I write the command like this
> nfsMount "frank-zhao", "c:\\etc\\", "/etc"
> or nfsMount "frank-zhao", "c:\etc\", "/etc/"
> or nfsMount "frank-zhao", "c:/etc/", "/etc/"
> but none of them succeeded
> I'm wondering how to call the nfsMount correctly.
> Thank you in advance very much!
> BTW: if I want to copy some files from the NVRAM of the target to the PC
> vice versa, what method should I take?
> Thank you.
> --
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------

4./etc/rc - maradns - nfsmount

Hello world,
it is often said that bind is too large for small home networks, due to lots 
of unneeded feateures increasing security risk and administration overhead 
etc. etc. so I decided to give maradns from the ports-collection a shot.
Everythings works fine, I transferred my zones from bind and so on

I put /usr/local/sbin/maradns & in /etc/rc, just in place where normally 
bind would be started if you set your named_flags to somewhat other than NO. 
So far, everything worked fine.

Until I put a nfs-mount in /etc/fstab for mounting /home, then maradns gets 
blown away during boot and mount is complaining 'bout stale RPCs, obviously 
due to not finding the nfs-server (pa ax | grep mara --> nothing then).

If I set the noauto-option in my nfs-mount and mount it manually after boot, 
everything is all right.

Any ideas out there?

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