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  • 1. Create VxWorks Image Project fails (Workbench 2.4)
    We're begining to migrate from Tornado 2.2/VxWorks 5.5 to Workbench 2.4/VxWorks 6.2. I'm having a problem creating VxWorks Image projects, I've searched the SPR system at but haven't found any reports of this issue. What happens is: Select file->New->Project, then select "VxWorks Image Project" and click "Next" The following appears in the workbench Error Log pane: Unhandled event loop exception org.eclipse.ui java.lang.NullPointerException org.eclipse.ui The same errors occur if I try to "import existing VxWorks image project into workspace"; I select the project file (provided with the BSP), click "Finish" in the Static Analysis dialog, and the same error messages occur. Can anyone suggest what the problem could be, please? Could this be down to an incomplete installation? Any suggestions appreciated. TIA, Eddy
  • 2. tNetTask crash in vxworks
    Hi all, I am currently porting tcpdump to vxworks.My target mechine is Pentium, host is windows2000.My requirment is to dump the captured packets in to the file in libpcap file format so that i can open it in ethreal.I have ported the libpcap fileformat and i was able to capture the packets in libpcap fileformat and open in ethreal,here my problem is if i put my mechine in the network and try to capture the packets with high traffic it is giving the tNetTask crash.What i understood from the crash is that it may be the problem with stackoverflow of the "receive routine" which i passed to the muxbind.I have called the dump routine which dumps it to the file in "receive routine" function defination.Can any one tell me what is happning there ,is my assumption is correct,how can i proceed with it. -SVR
  • 3. WindMl program Hangs
    Hello All, I'm doing windML recently.My target is an old PC486 and my Tornado is 2.0, windml 2.0. I tried to run windriver program wexbasic on it. After booting and downloading from my host, I run it on the Shell. Then it hangs and what I got is just a Monochrome which should be colored. So I guess maybe I should modify my config.h files or something Hope for your kingly answer. Thanks in advance.
  • 4. MVME2400 KernelInit crash
    I beginning in VxWorks also have faced a problem: Payment MVME2400 / VxWorks 5.4/Tornado 2.0 After call KernelInit the system ceases to react. Does not help even Reset. Tried in UserKernelInit to disconnect interruptions - does not help.
  • 5. Directed IP Broadcast
    Hello, I have two interfaces on my target. INT0 and INT1. IP address of INT0 is Netmask - 0xff000000 Broadcast Address - IP address of INT1 is Netmask - 0xff000000 Broadcast Address - I have connected to INT0 and to INT1. I can ping from to using the router stack of VxWorks. But when I send Directed IP broadcast packets with address from, the packets are getting dropped. The command ipstatShow shows "can't forward" counter getting incremented. Following is the snapshot of my routing table, which seems to be correct. -> routeShow ROUTE NET TABLE destination gateway flags Refcnt Use Interface ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33554689 2 0 INT0 33554689 1 0 INT1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROUTE HOST TABLE destination gateway flags Refcnt Use Interface ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35651589 0 0 lo0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- value = 0 = 0x0 -> Please help. Thanks, Raj


Postby Dan » Fri, 03 Jun 2005 08:11:17 GMT

I know this question has been raised various times through the years
(someone asked back in 1992!), but it hasn't come up for a while. Yes,
I have read the other threads on this list mentioning it.

Has anyone successfully ported any part of glib to vxWorks?

Also, what have other people used on vxWorks when complex data
structures were needed (besides going to C++ for the STL)? Just
reinvent the wheel?

Along the Glib path...I separated ghash.c out on it's own and got it to
compile and run (and pass all the unit tests), so I imagine adding the
lists, dynamic array, etc. structures shouldn't be so bad.

Large parts of glib are irrelavent to vxWorks development, so the port
would be incomplete by design.



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