VxWorks blue screen (of life?)


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    I want to use the function "mkdir" in my application to create new directories via NFS. However, when I test it in the host shell, it tells me there is no this command or function. Which component should I include in vxWorks to use it? I cannot get any information about this in the documents of "mkdir". Thanks in advance.
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    Hello All, Environment: VxWorks 5.5 ON A mvme5100 board -- PowerPC processor 1. On PowerPC what exactly does the following gcc option do -mstrict-align I looked up the "GNU toolkit user's guide for PowerPC" and the entry read as -mstrict-align On System V.4 and embedded PowerPC systems, assume that unaligned memory references will be handled by the system. What does "unaligned memory references will be handled by the system" mean ? Does it mean that my structures will be 4 byte aligned or single byte aligned ? 2. Is there a GCC option which lets me define structures which are single byte aligned ( i.e have no holes/padding added by the compiler in them ) ? Something like a "-mbyte-align" ?? In the user's guide I found something called "-mbit-align" but no "-mbyte-align" . I need these structures without holes, so that I can typecast the incoming TCP stream with my structure type. If the compiler adds padding, then the TCP messages I create get all jumbled up with garbage. Will making all structures to be byte aligned, lead to a serious performance hit ? If anyone has had experience in converting a TCP binary byte stream , into message structures , please do let me know . Thanks in advance, Vik
  • 3. [VxW] Performance Issue in VxWorks
    Hi All, I am working on VxWorks 5.5 over ARM(ARM 940T) platform. We also have Linux solution available on same board. With on board Ethernet the Linux version is giving much higher throughput compare to VxWorks solution. Is there any tuning or performance issues that we have to take care in VxWorks. Any pointer in this direction will be of help. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sachin

VxWorks blue screen (of life?)

Postby DougSteele » Fri, 27 Feb 2004 02:50:35 GMT

May'be I'm the only one that thinks it funny that WindRiver would
choose to use blue as the background color for the VxWorks Pentium

Anyway, I've gotten a lot farther than I had before.  I included the
pc console component, so now VxWorks shows me a blue screen and lets
me type, however the typed text doesn't do anything (by this I mean
that I don't believe the text is actually being processed, just
displayed).  I can't find any documentation that describes how to
resolve this.  Has anyone else see this?


Re: VxWorks blue screen (of life?)

Postby Wade Oram » Fri, 27 Feb 2004 02:58:03 GMT

In message < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Doug 
Steele < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes

You need to include the target shell and symbol table components in your 

Wade Oram
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Re: VxWorks blue screen (of life?)

Postby david lindauer » Fri, 27 Feb 2004 08:14:01 GMT

unless you specifically took it out of the project, you *should* have
gotten a banner displaying the vxworks version and some other stuff.  If
you did vxworks is probably up and running, and wade is right about what
you need to add to get going further with activity from the console.

However we just ran into a problem where a specific NIC driver for one
of the national parts would halt vxworks very early in the process and
the think just stopped running, in the specific case that no ethernet
cable was connected at boot time.  There may be other situations where
something like this could occur, so if you've got any non-standard
drivers or aren't sure of your hardware you may need to back out some of
the functionality.  But like I say if you got the version info screen
you are probably ok in this regards.


Re: VxWorks blue screen (of life?)

Postby Doug Steele » Fri, 27 Feb 2004 09:50:58 GMT

Thanks Wade.  That worked and I'm up and running now.

Re: VxWorks blue screen (of life?)

Postby Doug Steele » Fri, 27 Feb 2004 09:54:31 GMT

I am having some issue with the network code, so I took out the network
components.  I couldn't compile the image due to a missing structure
(END_IFDRVCONF) in the code.  Searched the entire tree and couldn't find it.
I've just been told in a post to the WindRiver BSP forum that its in end.h,
so I'll see if that file got corrupted somehow.

Doug Steele
University of Phoenix Online

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