Vxworks boot failed!


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Vxworks boot failed!

Postby chaihonggang » Thu, 22 Sep 2005 11:24:25 GMT

I've got a target machine with a supermicro X6DHE-XB(Intel E7520
Chipset)mainboard and the a Xeon 3.0G CPU.

When I tried to boot the machine from floppy disk,the computer just
display 'Vxld 1.6++++++++...', and read floopy drive for a little
while, then hangs there forever (doesn't read floopy any more and
haven't got the blue window which count down 7 seconds).

The floppy drive and floppy disk are all right and the same floppy disk
can boot up a machine with a supermicro X5DPB-G2(Intel E7501 Chipset)
mainboard and a Xeon 2.4G CPU.

I choose pcPentium as my BSP and have defined INCLUDE_PC_CONSOLE.

Could you tell me any idea on this problem?  I have been tortured by
it for some time.  Thanks a lot!

Re: Vxworks boot failed!

Postby ssubbarayan » Thu, 22 Sep 2005 12:49:15 GMT

1)First thing which came to my mind was whether floppy drive was
working well.But you have stated your floppy is working well.

2)The second thing I would check is compatibility between pcpentium BSP
and your board.I am not aware how far your board can work with
pcpentium BSP.
Because PcPentium bsp is backwards compatible,so it might work well
with pentium prior versions but not the ones above it.

3)The third thing is are you sure you have copied the sys file properly
in your floppy?when you type mkboot a: bootrom_uncmp,the vxload utility
copies it to the floppy disk,so if it does not copy properly you can
have such problem.It would be better to format your floppy once before
you load your bootrom.

4)How did you configure your config.h file?Have you configured it to
boot from floppy?Your bootline should be modified to boot from floppy.

I believe if you check at any of the above things,you should be in a
position to solve your problem.


Re: Vxworks boot failed!

Postby chaihonggang » Thu, 22 Sep 2005 16:20:47 GMT

Hi,s.subbarayan,thank you very much for your suggestions.

For suggestion 1,3 and 4,I'm sure they're not the reasons for the same
floppy disk and floppy driver can boot up another target machine which
I've mentioned above.

For suggestion 2, I have choosed pcPentium4 as my BSP for test but
without success,I don't know which BSP should I choose now.

Re: Vxworks boot failed!

Postby ssubbarayan » Thu, 22 Sep 2005 22:33:23 GMT

You can confirm this with your BSP vendor or even ask windriver FAE to
confirm whether you could use the Pentinum BSP for your board.


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