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  • 1. Booting PC with VxWorks OS
    Hi everybody, I currently working with VxSimulator. I want to test my program on target which i don't have rightnow. Instead, i want to use my pc as target and do the stuff. Can anybody tell step by step procedure - how to boot PC with Vxworks OS. thanks
  • 2. SATA driver in VXWORKS
    Is it poosible to develop a device driver for SATA controller in VXWORKS if so guide me ...
  • 3. Problem with Pipes..!
    Hi, I am novoice and am just learning Real-Time consepts in vxWorks.I am working with pipes now. I wrote a simple code to create a pipe and am trying to write to pipe and read from the pipe. My code is as follows... #include "vxWorks.h" #include "stdio.h" #include "pipDrv.h" #include "taskLib.h" #include "ioLib.h" void pipDemo(void) { int fd; char *msg="This is my message"; STATUS sts; if((sts=pipeDevCreate("/pipe/myPipe",10,100))!=OK) printf("Error in creating pipe...\n"); else { if((fd = open("/pipe/myPipe",O_RDWR,0))!=OK) printf("Error in opening the pipe...\n"); else { i=write(fd,msg,strlen(msg)); if(i==strlen(msg)) printf("Writen successfully..\n"); close(fd); } } } The problem what I am getting is I am able to create a the pipe successfully but unable to open it or read from or write to the pipe. It is saying error in opening the pipe. My code runs in vxSim. Can anybody help me. It is urgent. Please somebody respond. Thanks in advance Bunty
  • 4. temporarily disable debug output over TTY (serial device)
    Hello, I want to test all serial devices on my HW. Therefore I have to temporarily disable the standard output (TTY 1). If I don't do this I can transmit data over the tested serial port but cannot receive anything. Does anyone know how to do this ? I tried to change stdout, stdin, stderr temporarily to the /null device. But it did not help. void disableDebugOutput() { // open fd to null device - otherwise ioGlobalStdSet() does nothing int fd = ::open( "/null", O_RDWR, 0); // change the assignment of a specified global standard file descriptor stdFd to null device // new file desc has to be open ! ioGlobalStdSet( 0, /* std input */ fd); /* new file desc */ ioGlobalStdSet( 1, /* std output */ fd); /* new file desc */ ioGlobalStdSet( 2, /* std error */ fd); /* new file desc */ // close fd to device ::close(fd); } Thanks
  • 5. Migration from vxworks 5.5 to vxworks 5.5.1
    HI All, iam running on vxworks 5.5 and tornado2.2 command based with customized BSP for MPC8245 processor. Let me know, how would i migrate to 5.5.1 with tornado2.2.1 with out changing my applicaitons? Are there any migration guides from 5.5 to 5.5.1. Please help me in this regard on high priority.

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