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  • 1. Strips '~/' from DotNetNuke Skin aspx file
    When I open my DotNetNuke Vb.net aspx file. Web Designer removes '~/" preceding my paths. Just wanted to let everyone know!
  • 2. Inserting Chacters By Itself
    I have a problem with EW inserting wierd chacters at the beginning of a file when I save it. I have manually open the file up on the server with a text editor and delete them. The only reason I found this out is because I had a PHP app that uses sessionsand the funky chacters in the beginning of the file was screwing it all up.
  • 3. Mandatory form field
    Hi, Did a search for the word ''form" in this site to search for an answer but nothing was returned even though there is a question with the word on the first page. Don't know if the site is indexing correctly. Anyway, the question has to do with making a specific form field mandatory. I understood that it was a matter of right clicking on the fileld, selecting form field properties, and choosing an option. Unfortunatelly, my version of EWD does not offer a specific option. I do see a field titled 'initial value'. What is that for? Anyone know how I can set form field to be mandatory? While at it, is there a way to force a specific input format? Forcing the input to be specific as for example the social security number being ###-##-#### Thanks in advance for your reply. Saludos! Francisco
  • 4. The installation of this package failed.
    When I try to run the installer, all I get is "The installation of this package failed." Nothing in the event viewer. I uninstallled the CTP before running this, and I haven't installed any other Office 2007 betas on this machine. Any suggestions?

OT: eCommerce

Postby JohnB » Wed, 10 Dec 2008 07:08:09 GMT

I'm not even sure ecommerce is the right term here.  But... a while back I 
saw a site that offered a service to create, sell and ship items like 
clothing articles with your company logo, beer mugs with your logo, etc. 
They charger their customer a monthly fee, and I believe get a cut of the 
sales.  I've seen lots of websites that offer this service... but I'm trying 
to remember the name of this one site.... I think it had the word "cup" in 
it.  The name did not make you think of an ecommerce site.  It was some 
cutesy name.  I'm not giving much to go on but, I'm hoping someone will know 
what I'm talking about.


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