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Updating Files

Postby Q29yZXkgQnJ5YW50 » Thu, 10 May 2007 05:33:03 GMT

We just moved to a new datacenter over the weekend.  I copied all the files 
over through FTP from the old server to the new server and from the new 
server to the old server.  (I figured this way I could work twice as fast.)

Everything went smoothly, but now all my websites that I update with 
Expression Web (through its FTP program) shows conflicts.  I would not mind 
synchronizing the files if the Expression Web FTP program was not so slow, 
but unfortunately that is not the case.  And having one site that is about 
700M does not help unfortunately.

Is there a way that I can let Expression Web know these files are no longer 
in conflict or do I just slowly get Expression Web to sync all the files / 
folders at some point?

Corey R. Bryant
 http://www.**--****.com/  |  http://www.**--****.com/ 

Re: Updating Files

Postby Christoph Schneegans » Thu, 10 May 2007 08:11:28 GMT

This information is stored in the files wihtin the _vti_cnf folders. If
ftp.example.net is your old site and your local website is in sync with it,
all these files should contain two lines similar to the following:

  vti_syncwith_ftp.example.net\:21:TX|08 May 2007 21:45:05 -0000
  vti_syncofs_ftp.example.net\:21:TW|08 May 2007 23:02:00 -0000

To make EW believe that your local website is also in sync with your new
site ftp.example.org, you would duplicate these lines:

  vti_syncwith_ftp.example.org\:21:TX|08 May 2007 21:45:05 -0000
  vti_syncofs_ftp.example.org\:21:TW|08 May 2007 23:02:00 -0000

In VBA, take a look at the WebDesigner.WebFile.Properties collection. Before
editing _vti_cnf files, it is essential that you backup your local website.

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