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  • 1. EW VBA macros and object model
    I was looking into ways to replace the FP Navigation (Banner) and Timestamp bots that suit my workflow. (I.e., fix the pages at design time.) One thought occurred to me: use VBA OnSave events to update each page when I save it. I could find some FrontPage object model stuff on the web and Tools|Macros|VBA in EW. But I find no hint of an object model for EW. Further, the beta version of EW seems to have next to no help for VBA for EW in it. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. Before I spend a long time trying to spelunk this out, I thought I'd ask here: Is this even possible? Can I setup some development-side tools for my site to grope through a page OnSave and put stuff in it? Is this just an ignorant question? (I'm trying to get my main site fully migrated to EW so I can remove EW beta and get on with Office 07 whilst awaiting an RTM EW. It's never easy, is it?)
  • 2. Layer positioning help
    How can a layer be centred on the page, or can it only be controlled by margin settings? When using interactive buttons and checking in Explorer 7 they are only in one state, you then have to remove the blocking to get all three functions. Is this correct? They work ok in Firefox 2 The answers may be obvious when I know but, at the moment, I am going dizzy Thanks for any help, Paul
  • 3. Issues with installation
    I am having a tough time intalling Expression Web on my laptop. .net 2.0 installed fine, I have repaired .net twice and uninstalled and reinstalled it. I do not have any 2007 beta software on the machine. It loaded fine on my destop which has virtually the same software on it. It more than meets your specs. Any suggestions? Jim -- jzulakis - Trevor Day School
  • 4. Access Databases
    Using Frontpage, I have constructed two sites that use asp pages to collect and report data. Most of what I have created is for teachers and students to compile data and to report it in a searchable / useable form. FP has wizzards that help in creating them. I have figured out how to make a date entry page, but not how create a Database Results page. Any help would be greatly appricieated. jmc

VWD Express and Expression

Postby Beau Woods » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 08:11:18 GMT

I am creating a site in VWD Express and am trying to open the pages in 
Expression to lay the pages out using CSS.  The pages open fine but when i 
go to save the pages it comes up with 'Server Error: Cannot open file"FILE 
PATH" for writing' . But if i chose to save it as another name it will. 
This only happens to the files created under VWD.  Has anyone else 
experienced this or know how i can fix it?

Thanks in advance.


Re: VWD Express and Expression

Postby Kevin Spencer » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 20:04:08 GMT

Are you using Source Control? If so, Source Control will mark the files as 
"Read Only" when they are checked in.


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Re: VWD Express and Expression

Postby Cowboy (Gregory A. Beamer) » Fri, 27 Apr 2007 05:36:58 GMT

That was my first thought, as well. Having used VWD and Expression together, 
I have had no issues.

Gregory A. Beamer

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