DirectX 9.0 compatibility with Nvidia Graphics 4 440Go

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  • 1. MFC menus with full-screen/windowed toggle
    Hi, I've an Windowed MFC app that I wrote which uses GDI calls. I'm wanting to migrate this to DirectX (7, 8 or 9). The app only used blit's from preloaded bitmaps to the display and now I believe I have to recode this as copying to the back buffer during the begin/end of the Render function? I want to also allow the application to be mainly used in full-screen mode as the window fixed size and on a higher res desktop this isn't practical. Questions are: 1) Can I maintain the use of the menu-bar in the fullscreen mode? 2) Are there any good docs/sites for tips on GDI->DirectX migration? (Particularly with relation to Device Contexts) 3) Which DX SDK is best suited to this? The MFC wrapper classes provided with 8&9 have the DX window as a control on the dialog. Can this be altered to fill the whole window instead? Also, when toggling to full-screen you lose the menu, can the be enabled easily? 4) Would I be better off using a library such as SDL or Allegro for such a simple 2D app? Thanks, Mark Keates
  • 2. computing bounding box for mesh?
    I was under the impression you just passed the pointer to your vertex buffer and the FVF to the function and it did the fiddly stuff for you. You may well have to lock the buffer though...? "JB" wrote: > I'm trying to use the call ComputeBoundingBox to create a bounding box around my mesh. I need to give it the first position vector of my mesh but I'm not sure how I should do this. I mean, I can get the vertex buffer and its FVF from mesh but I dont know how to access individual element of a vertex from the vertex buffer and its FVF. I read somewhere else that you actually have to look at FVF and test every possible formats and then construct your own pointer offset calculation?? Is this really that complicated? What's the preferred way to do this so I can turn void** I get when I lock vertex buffer into something more useful?
  • 3. Speeding up Bitmaps Loading
    I am trying to load a sequence of large bitmaps (720*486) and then loop thru each pixel and convert its color space form RGB to YCbCr which is used in TV broadcasting. I'm using VB.NET. Unfortunately, the overall process came up to be real slow specially when running this on 300 frames (around 3 minutes). The steps are: - Loop thru al files to load each bitmap: Dim mBitmap as Bitmap = Bitmap.FromFile(FileName(i)) - Loop thru each pixel, get the color, and apply mathematical conversion For J = 0 to mBitmapHeight For K = 0 to mBitmapWidth mColor = mBitmap.GetPixel(K,J) Y = (Some math function involving R,G,B Values) Cb= (Some math function involving R,G,B Values) Cr= (Some math function involving R,G,B Values) mFile.Write( values) Next Next After doing some analysis, I found that the bottle nock is loading the Bitmap step. I am wondering if there any faster way to load a Bitmap. I read on the MSDN site about Cashed Bitmaps, but I wasn't able to find an example. Anybody has a suggestion? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards.
  • 4. thanks, but...
    Holy Mackarel! Now, that's a diagram! Pardon me if I take a few days to try and digest it. May I suggest, if it's not too late, some ideas for your book, namely, have some examples of combinations of settings that generate rather simple/standard rendered output, e.g. quake-like textures for walls and floors and whatnot (both non-anisotropic and anisotropic). As a long-time programmer, it is always examples that I crave, and if the example is well-thought- out, it can become part of a design pattern that produces a desired effect. And, of course, I realize that there really isn't that much of a difference between dx8 and dx9, but spelling that out will keep people from being scared of buying a dx8 book when dx9 is out. Thanks for the help and feel free to email me when your book comes out. Peace & Blessings, bmac

DirectX 9.0 compatibility with Nvidia Graphics 4 440Go

Postby jdownefter » Mon, 22 Sep 2003 06:04:25 GMT

DirecX 9 has a huge (and I mean a Huge!) problem with 
fullscreen display when some games (like AoE, StarCraft, 
Diablo, Crisom Skies, and more others that must be played 
in fullscreen mode) when it uses Nvidia Graphics 4 440Go 
3d card. It just won't work until we (users) remove 
DirectX 9 and install DirectX 8.1!!

Please do something about this issue.!!

Check some opinions and situations with other users you 
can go to:

Re: DirectX 9.0 compatibility with Nvidia Graphics 4 440Go

Postby The March Hare (MVP) » Mon, 22 Sep 2003 06:56:23 GMT

A better newsgroup for application compatibility questions is:

This newsgroup is for DirectX graphics programming questions.

Re: DirectX 9.0 compatibility with Nvidia Graphics 4 440Go

Postby Eyal Teler » Mon, 22 Sep 2003 09:36:42 GMT

>  http://www.**--****.com/ 

I checked this, and part of the problem there may be motherboard 
drivers that aren't up to date. At least that made DX9 work on Windows 
98 in a recent test we made.

(As The March Hare said, it's not the right group, but I thought I'd 
mention this.)


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