[DDS] compatibility break between DX8 and DX9 ?

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[DDS] compatibility break between DX8 and DX9 ?

Postby Izidor » Mon, 01 Sep 2003 01:44:35 GMT

We noticed that some of our DDS created times ago under DX8 failed to load under DX9.
After dumped the DDS content, we think to notice that some contents are written differently.
For instance, dwPitchOrLinearSize was always correcly stored under DX8 whereas under
DX9 it seems it's allowed to pass 0 (for the same texture in the same conditions).
dwFlags also seems to be different.

In the opposite, when I create a DDS under DX9 and try to load it under texture tool of DX8,
it returns with the error "Unexpected file format".

This is going to be extremely problematic for applications distribution. I cannot even imagine
a user complaining of an error at startup such as "DDS file format error".

Currently, we use RGB888 or ARGB8888. The texture stays in this format if the user setuped
24 bits format and the card allows it. Otherwhise a conversion is made on-the-fly to match
the required format (D3DX toolkit seems to do the job very well for us). However, for other formats
like ARGB4444, it can work under DX8 but not DX9 (or the opposite). All of this is not very
encouraging and clearly get me nervous since our deadline is coming.

Finally, the question : is there any known problems regarding DDS file format between DirectX version ?


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Oh yeah, another weird thing in that same article:


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5.Converted test app is slower in DX9 than in DX8

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The application calls D3DXCreateMeshFVF and sets the vertices and indices.
It them simply rotates the mesh, so it's not especially advanced code. The
scene has one light and specular highlights are enabled. It seems to be the
call to ID3DXBaseMesh::DrawSubset that is slower.

I'm really puzzled over this and have no idea what I have done wrong. I did
the conversion by replacing "8" by "9" in all interface and function names
(and some other smaller modifications) abd everything seems to work. It's
just that it's slow.

I would be really grateful for any advice on this issue. I'm happy to post
some code if that helps, just tell me.

BTW, my old DX8 program still executes with the same speed as before,
eventhough I have now installed the new DirectX version. Thus it's not a
driver problem.

My system is a 733 MHz PIII, GeForce 2 GTS, Windows XP Pro.

Thanks in advance,


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