capture all window paints

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    while reading the GDI docs I came across DI_APPBANDING (see DOCINFO), described as "Applications that use banding should set this flag for optimal performance during printing." Unfortunately, that is all the documentation I found; does someone know what this flag actually does and what an application is supposed to do with it? (I need to print some large (D, E-size) bitmaps, and banding should significantly reduce the memory requirements which is why I'm interested in finding out more about this flag) Regards, Gert-Jan
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    Hi I am using the CURSORINFO and GetCursorInfo to get the info about the global cursor. now my code crashes in nt4 sp6. I tried the GetCursor() but it returns the ccalling threads handle !! Is there a way compatible in all the windows versions to get the global handle and subsequently cursor image ? regards Mahesh
  • 3. is there a way to get the current brush from a DC?
    Is there a way to get the current brush from a DC without changing it? i.e. how do I get the HBRUSH out of the DC but without changing the current brush?
  • 4. How do I determine the spoolfile of a printjob?
    Hi, Can someone help me with this problem? I need to find out what the corresponding .spl file is of a printjob in order to do some scanning on it. I've noticed that the .spl file follows this convention, XXXXX.spl where XXXXX is the jobID prefixed with zero's to 5 characters before the dot. Can I rely on this to determine the spoolfile? Any help much appreciated. Greetz, Wai-kit

capture all window paints

Postby cs » Tue, 18 May 2004 08:21:33 GMT

is there a way (preferebly from .net) by which i can capture all the
messages sent whenever something new is to be painted on the screen?

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