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Problems w/ SCROLLBAR control - win32 C

Postby sojib » Sun, 23 Nov 2003 06:45:10 GMT

I'm trying to create a scrollbar control for my 
application.  For the logic, I"m doing basically exactly 
what is done in the scrolling text example here:


except instead of..having a standard scrollbar for a 
window, I own control set up, say hwndSCROLL.

So, I'm passing in hwndSCROLL to the 
SetScrollInfo/getScrollInfo..functions.  For some 
reason.., the drag is not working at all, nor is the thumb 
(scroll box) changing size..when I"m resizing windows, 
it's sipmly default size and locked to the left.  

Though, if i try out the code..assigning my main window..a 
standard scrollbar, it works perfectly fine.  I'm not 
sure..what's wrong.

If the soultion is simply to don't bother w/ having a 
separate control..., i'll buy it..if someone can point out 
how to NOT have it be at the bottom of the window.

Other than that, any suggestions???  The 
literally the same as the link, except i'm using my own 
control.., thanks.

RE: Problems w/ SCROLLBAR control - win32 C

Postby JHornick » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 01:32:29 GMT


It sounds like your control isn't sending the right messages
to its parent.

Anyway, this is a UI issue, not a GDI one. Please post follow-ups
on the UI newsgroup.

- John
Microsoft Developer Support
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