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  • 1. why we may need 128 bit color mode in future?
    why we may need 128 bit color mode in future. Give short and concise answer.
  • 2. Information about DirectX
    Hi. Where can I get a book or guide where I can learn how to use directx?. -- Bronzen GF
  • 3. capturing using bitblt
    I have a question. One can use BitBlt to copy the bitmap of any window and also desktop. Lets suppose there is a window which is behind another window, now if I want to capture the window which is hiding, is it possible to do so? Vinod
  • 4. Layered windows and DrawText
    Hey everyone, this problem is really causing me a lot of grief. I'm new to layered windows on the whole and I'm not all that good with GDI, but nonetheless I got my first layered window up and running. I composed a 32 bit bitmap from two bitmaps on my harddrive (a colour one and an alpha one), and now it sits in the bottom right corner of my screen. The problem is, when I try to draw text on the DC I'm passing to UpdateLayeredWindow (with my bitmap selected onto it), I get the text, but it's got 0 alpha. I've tried setting the text colour with SetTextColor(hBitmap, RGB(127, 0, 0)), DrawText()..., as well as trying a 32 bit colour value generated from D3DCOLOR_ARGB(). I've also tried using the exact same 32 bit values as used in pixels in the bitmap with 255 alpha. And I've tried typecasting an RGBQUAD * to COLORREF * and dereferencing it to use RGBQUAD like a 32 bit value, but to no avail. I get colour if I move a window underneath it, but that's not what I want. I want the colour with 255 alpha. Any ideas? PS: If I'm being stupid, kick me.
  • 5. Multiple pictures in ListView Report
    Hi, I developping a WIN32 application with Visual C++ 6, and I am wondering how to display pictures in every columns. Is that possible??? Thanks for your help, David


Postby Tom » Wed, 19 Nov 2003 04:27:47 GMT


I'm playing an emf into a new emf but would like to change the font facename
for the resulting emf.

How would I go about doing this when processing the



RE: Emr_ExtCreateFontIndirectW

Postby JHornick » Wed, 19 Nov 2003 07:39:11 GMT



Open up WinGDI.h and inspect the format of the record.

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