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  • 1. structures in client/server RPC.
    typedef struct AAA { int i; boolean j; }; struct CheckBoxCtrls{ int k; AAA l[10]; }; When I have this defined in IDL? How do I use these data structures in client code? seems like I can't compile. thanks vipin
  • 2. emf right and bottom edges disappear
    I am playing an emf image into memory and blitting to the screen. The image is an oval -- white fill with a black outline. With a width of 300 pixels, the picture is fine. But at smaller dimensions, say 150 pixels wide, the bottom and right edges disappear. What would cause this?
  • 3. Size limit for CreateDibSection
    Hi, I have seen lots of entries about the size limitations of CreateCompatibleBitmap, and also Q227617 relating to size limits for CreateDIBSection under win 9X. I find however that at a certain size threshold the code below returns addr = 0, and DIBSectionHandle = 0. (This code comes directly from an example in Dan Appleman's "VB Programmer's Guide to the Win32 API".) The code below will fail, but if I change biWidth to 10000 it will succeed GetLastError returns 0. This threshold seems the same no matter what the PC spec, or virtual memory setting. Is there a limit? If not what am I missing? Any responses will be greatly appreciated Dim binfo As BITMAPINF CompDC = CreateCompatibleDC(0 With binfo.bmiHeade .biSize = 4 .biWidth = 2000 .biHeight = 800 .biPlanes = .biBitCount = 24 ' True RG .biCompression = BI_RG BytesPerScanLine = ScanAlign(.biWidth * 3) .biSizeImage = BytesPerScanLine * .biHeigh End Wit DIBSectionHandle = CreateDIBSection(CompDC, binfo, DIB_RGB_COLORS, addr, 0, 0 Err = GetLastError(

GDI+ LineCaps

Postby Chris Trueman » Fri, 17 Feb 2006 00:31:42 GMT

I'm using Pen.SetStartCap() and Pen.SetEndCap() to put caps on my lines.  
But I find that the caps are very small in proportion to the width of the 
line.  The net is that it's very difficult to distinguish the line caps.

Is there a setting I'm missing to improve their size relative to the 
thickness of the line?

Am I better off drawin the line caps myself?

Any help much appreciated.


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