StretchDIBits format questions

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StretchDIBits format questions

Postby RGF2aWQgVGhpZWxlbg » Sat, 29 Oct 2005 00:18:20 GMT


The documentation in 
for StretchDIBits is a link to 
 http://www.**--****.com/ :

rop //dword
usage //word
srcHeight //word
srcWidth //word
ySrc //word
xSrc //word
destHeight //word
destWidth //word
yDest //word
xDest //word
bitmap //byte[]

Where is this documented?

thanks - dave

Re: StretchDIBits format questions

Postby Vipin[MVP] » Sat, 29 Oct 2005 07:29:50 GMT

Assuming from context of your posts, you are looking for this probably

typedef struct tagEMRSTRETCHDIBITS {
  EMR   emr;
  RECTL rclBounds;
  LONG  xDest;
  LONG  yDest;
  LONG  xSrc;
  LONG  ySrc;
  LONG  cxSrc;
  LONG  cySrc;
  DWORD offBmiSrc;
  DWORD cbBmiSrc;
  DWORD offBitsSrc;
  DWORD cbBitsSrc;
  DWORD iUsageSrc;
  DWORD dwRop;
  LONG  cxDest;
  LONG  cyDest;
Vipin Aravind
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Re: StretchDIBits format questions

Postby RGF2aWQgVGhpZWxlbg » Sat, 29 Oct 2005 07:45:04 GMT


Sorry - no, this question was for a regular meta-file, not an enhanced 
metafile. I have to handle both because the Word Equation editor saves as a 
regular metafile while the Word Picture object saves as enhanced.

thanks - dave

Re: StretchDIBits format questions

Postby v-raygon » Sat, 29 Oct 2005 17:10:10 GMT

Hello Dave,
From your description, you need to use both regular metafile (windows format metafile?) and enhanced metafile in your application. GetWinMetaFileBits can be used to 
convert the enhanced-format records from a metafile into Windows-format records, I suggest you take a loot at it: 

I am not very sure what metafile structure you are looking, but fortunately, here is a complete list on all supported metafile structure, could you check if it is there?
Metafile Structures

Rhett Gong [MSFT]
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