Win98 Client of 64-bit XP Pro Shared Printer Goes Offline

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Win98 Client of 64-bit XP Pro Shared Printer Goes Offline

Postby Kevin » Thu, 11 May 2006 04:38:42 GMT

After printing from Windows 98 to a \\machine\sharename shared printer on a
Windows XP Pro 64-bit system, the printer icon in Windows 98 gets grayed-out
and says "Printer Offline - User Intervention Required".

The printer is not actually offline, it has no paper jam, it can be printed
to from the XP Pro 64-bit system.

I can uncheck the Printer Offline on the Windows 98 machine, but if I print
to it again, it goes offline.

I can share the same kind of printer from a XP Pro 32-bit system, and there
is no problem.

We did an Ethereal capture of Win98 -> XP64 and Win98 -> XP32, and saw that
a LANMAN request was getting a Status Code 59 response from the 64-bit
system, but the 32-bit system was giving a Status Code 0 response.

Why would the 64-bit Windows respond with Status Code 59?

Where can I get information on how LANMAN interfaces with the printer
spooler and such?

Thank you.

Re: Win98 Client of 64-bit XP Pro Shared Printer Goes Offline

Postby Kevin » Fri, 12 May 2006 08:09:08 GMT

1) On XP Pro x64, install the Generic / Text Only printer to the NUL: port
2) From XP Pro x64, share this Generic / Text Only printer
3) On Windows 98, add a new Network printer, point to the XP Pro x64 shared
4) On Windows 98, use the Generic / Text Only printer driver
5) On Windows 98, using Notepad, print a few characters a few times to the
shared printer on XP Pro x64
6) The Windows 98 printer-icon will go grayed-out and show "User
Intervention Required"
7) The LANMAN response from the XP Pro x64 shows 0x59 (An unexpected network
error occurred.)

The problem has not been observed between Windows 98 and XP32.


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