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  • 1. Event Notification Mechanism
    Hy im final year student and im am trying to develop my project over TAPI, problem which im facing n i also searched through MSDN but i didnt got the answer to it. problem is that when any incoming call comes how shall i get handle to it or in other word how shall i receive msg, in INITIALLINEEXPARAM i have used EVENT HANDLE and when i try to use LINEGETMESSAGE and parse hLineApp Handle it gives me error can any one help me please where im making mistake. i apologize if i had maked some silly mistake. thank you soo much
    I use TAPI3 to program. when the call i made is in its connected state, i use ITCallInfo->put_CallInfoLong(CIL_BEARERMODE,LINEBEARERMODE_PASSTHROUGH) and do some direct control to the modem device. But when I disconnect the call by using ITBasicCallControl->Disconnect,I found I could not make a new call on the same ITAddress again. I have checked my codes and was sure that all objects about the calls I created have been released, if I Enumerate call information on the ITAddress object ,the previous call still existed before trying to make a new call. Could you give me some help on how to release the previous call using TAPI3. Thank you in advance wu huanfa
  • 3. the problem about TSPI_LineGetCallInfo
    We are developing a simple TSP component for our client, then they can get the notification about a new call. The problem is our client using their own TAPI application to connect our TSP (the TSP will connect to a special telephone device), so we have to develop a TSP that supports the standard TAPI progress. When we raise a NewCall event and send it by the callback function pointer provide by the service host, we got another call TSPI_LineGetCallInfo, and need to fill some field of struct LINECALLINFO. But we don't know how to do that, I guess I didn't fill them correctly, then we get a TSPI_LinsClose call when we return TSPI_LineGetCallInfo. Current work flow is: we raise callback for NewCall, get TSPI_LineGetLineInfo, and get TSPI_LineClose finally. Is such work flow correct? Could anybody give us some advise about how to fill such fields? Thanks a lot. -- thanks
  • 4. Out Of memory error ASP.NET with impersonate
    I have a TAPI application that passes through authenication and impersonates the user. Application fails with OUT OF MEMORY error when app Initializes TAPI class object. When I add the user group that holds the users to the local admin group on the web server it works like a charm. When they are not in the Admin group it fails with the same error. I have another TAPI App that uses the exact same code except instead of windows authentication it uses form authentication. This works seamlessly. Info On Web Server: Windows 2003 Web Edition 1 gb of RAM Memory Commit Charge: no more then 400mb IIS 6 I find this very odd. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Connecting Media Streams

Postby mnofail » Tue, 11 Jan 2005 20:08:37 GMT

I want to connect media streams of two calls in a system that are
conferenced together. can anyone tell me how to do it. My idea is it
can be done through filter graphs. but how? if any one can tell me.
                   Muhammad Nufail Farooqi

Re: Connecting Media Streams

Postby Andreas Marschall [MVP TAPI] » Sat, 15 Jan 2005 08:59:41 GMT

"Muhammad Nufail Farooqi" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > schrieb im Newsbeitrag

sorry, I don't know, but maybe this question is better suited in a DirectShow
So you may want to (cross-)post to one(/some) of these:

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