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  • 1. How to create a sizeable dialog
    Hi, I know that I can create a dialog by using CreateDialogParam. But I would like to create a normal sizeable dialog window. Is it possible create such kind of Dialog by using such as CreateWindowEx? Cheers, Tao
  • 2. SendInput into a Terminal Services window?
    Is there any way to make SendInput send keyboard messages _into_ a Terminal Services window (to drive the remote desktop from outside)? kbd_event doesn't work, and SendInput() with equivalent arguments also doesn't work. The strange thing is that mouse events _do_ get through, it's just keyboard events that don't. Searching the archives, this problem has come up before but there's never been an answer other than "try SendInput" (which doesn't help) or "Use the Terminal Services APIs", but those seem to only help with session management and virtual channels. Is there some trick to getting keyboard input into mstsc that I'm missing, or does it simply not work for some reason? thanks, -- dan
  • 3. why i get the negative value of font height
    Hi, Below is the part of my code. I am wondering why i get the negative value of font height lfptr = (LOGFONT*)(&lpIMC->lfFont); memcpy( &lf2, lfptr, sizeof( lf2) ); // Convert unicode font face to ANSI encoding WideCharToMultiByte( CP_ACP, 0, (LPCWSTR)lfptr->lfFaceName, (int)wcslen((LPCWSTR)lfptr->lfFaceName)+1, (LPSTR)lf2.lfFaceName, (int)sizeof(lf2.lfFaceName), NULL, NULL); lf2.lfHeight <--- which is a negative value. How do i may into the real height to paint the corrent location? Thanks in advance.
  • 4. Chevron for deskband does not show as pushed.
    Hello, I catch the RBN_CHEVRONPUSHED notification. When finished I return 0. The problems would be that the chevron does not display in a pushed state when I click it with the mouse though everything else seems fine. How can I fix it? Thanks from Matt.


Postby Ole Nielsby » Fri, 09 Apr 2004 03:11:49 GMT

What's the meaning of DISP in xxN_GETDISPINFO notifications?

I know they are the common controls' way of querying their parent
window for owner data, I just can't sort out why they are named

(I want to know because I am writing interface specs in an xml-like

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Re: GetDisputableInfo

Postby John Carson » Fri, 09 Apr 2004 03:39:03 GMT

Mm...let's see. If I look up


I read:

"Retrieves display information for a toolbar item."

Likewise, for


I read:

"Sent by a ToolTip control to retrieve information needed to display a
ToolTip window"

Accordingly, my money is on "display".

John Carson
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