why am i sending more packets than i'm receiving



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why am i sending more packets than i'm receiving

Postby austin purton » Mon, 08 Sep 2003 10:23:27 GMT

Hi all (First time post so sorry if its annoying)

I'm lost here my dial up connection was slowing down,i 
checked it and was amazed to find it was sending 10 times 
as many packets as it was reveiving...!

ran netstat,lots of syn_sent stuff, the port numbers seem 
to be searching for somethine it sounds like a virus be im 
all up to date with virus checks.

whats going on and what should i do 

lost oz!

Re: why am i sending more packets than i'm receiving

Postby Herb Martin » Tue, 09 Sep 2003 01:43:29 GMT

It's not annoying.  Anyone who is annoyed can just skip
it -- that's there problem as long as you are on topic (at
least somewhat.)

What were you doing?  Were you downloading or visiting
web sites only?  (Most of these might give you roughly
equal packet counts since you would acknowledge most
each packet sent to you.)

What did netstat (or better Fport from FoundStone.Com)

What are you running?  Tlist? (ResKit) of PSList from
SysInternals.com will help here.

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