dual boot win2k and winxp



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dual boot win2k and winxp

Postby Nick Spence » Sun, 20 Jun 2004 07:09:36 GMT

O.K. there's a story to this. You don't need to read all 
of this, but to get a handle on the situation, you may 
want to.

I had Win XP installed, and it worked great. But, I am 
learning to use Linux. So, I used partition Magic, made a 
new partition, set it as active (DUMB) and tried installed 
Caldera Open Linux 2.2 (from an old mag). No luck. Now I 
am stuck with a good win xp partition, that won't boot, 
and a linux partiton with no os.

Euchered (sorry for typo ?)

So, I formatted the to be linux partition to NTFS, and 
installed windows 2000 professional.

Great! now I can log into an OS!

After a few days of tinkering with win 2k (and backing up 
stuff from win xp) I re-installed windows xp back onto the 
partition it was on origionally.

Before I continue, note that I formatted the win xp 
partiton, before installing it again.

Now, I have windows xp back, but windows 2k won't load.

I got an error saying NTLDR is missing (odly enough, right 
as I was trying to install windows xp) so I ignored it and 
installed xp, but, as I remember (from having this error 
happen before) that NTLDR has something to do with windows 
2k and the boot process.

So, I think... I may have screwed up my win2k partition, 
not that it matters, because I have everything I need in a 
folder on the win2k partition from backing up 2 DAYS AGO!

I'd love to get 2k and xp back and working normally as a 
dual boot, if possible.

Post here (I will try to check it) or e-mail. Thanks. 


Re: dual boot win2k and winxp

Postby remove_fdindar » Sun, 20 Jun 2004 07:46:41 GMT

I have been playing around with 3 partitions

 Win 2k
Win Xp 
Linux - various versions.

Here is my recommendation to you.

Use Partiton Magic and HIDE the win xp partion.

Mark the Win 2k partition as active and unhide it if

Start win 2k installation from CD.

Do a repair of win 2k

If this gets you back install Partition Magic again
and unhide XP

I use Boot- US as my boot manager

It does NOT require a win 32 partition like boot magic


Farouk Dindar

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