Cannot access shared folder on a W2K Pro machine



  • 1. HELP! Win 2000 Pro WORKGROUP / DOMAIN
    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Upon advise from another website I screwed up my login..... so now I cannot acces my laptop. It was configured to use at work , connecting to a DOMAIN. I was trying to get it to access my shared resources at home and was told to change MyComputer Identification FROM pointing to my WORKDOMAIN to point to my HOMEWORKGROUP. When I did, It asked me to reboot. Now it wants me to login (asking for USER name and PASSWORD) but no box for DOMAIN. SO NOW I CANNOT log into my laptop to fix my Screwup. Hwlp me get access to my laptop again .... PEASE Thanks, Scott
  • 2. What? Nobody can help me?
    This is my third post to what I think should be a simple problem. That problem is this, I can connect remotely through a VPN from my laptop to my home network. I can ping every computer on my network successfully. What I can't do is look at the folders and files that I have set up to share. I am behind a dlink router, but I have to think that if I have been able to get in to establish a connection, it isn't a problem getting through the firewall. I am thinking that it has something to do with the way I have set up the permissions on the share on the computer I established my connection on. If anyone has any suggestions I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks, Peter
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    I have two PC's which when rebooted stream ping requests to every address in a subnet and once all addresses in a subnet have been tried, increments the subnet by one and proceeds to ping through that subnet and so on. They both obtain their IP addresses from a dhcp server, The broadcasts this "ping storm" creates has an impact on other users of the network. I can see no relation between the subnets that are pinged and any addresses in our network. Any ideas?
  • 4. networking difficulties 1-way TO a win2k pc
    Here's my setup: I have a desktop PC running Win2k, a laptop running winXP, and another laptop running Win2k. All 3 machines are in the same workgroup. Login IDs exist on all 3 that are the same id/password. I have a DSL router setup, with all 3 local area network connections setup to obtain IP automatically. All 3 pcs pick up an ip address within the local network (i.e. All 3 can get to the internet, all three can ping each other by IP address AND by name. However, no one can connect to the Win2k desktop PC. Any thoughts?

Cannot access shared folder on a W2K Pro machine

Postby James » Mon, 15 Sep 2003 08:54:22 GMT


Do you have Internet Protocol TCP/IP setup under Local 
Area Connections on both computers? And, IMHosts under its 

Did you go to Computer Management and do the folder 
sharing there?

Did you create duplicate accounts with duplicate passwords 
on each computer? Did you give all of those same 
permissions in Computer Management, there?


Cannot access shared folder on a W2K Pro machine

Postby James » Mon, 15 Sep 2003 19:11:33 GMT


I heard you located the Local Security Policy ("Access 
this computer from the network") that had been disabled, 
but I have not heard how you discovered that changed 


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