cannot access print share or web/email



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cannot access print share or web/email

Postby tim » Fri, 08 Aug 2003 08:42:09 GMT

I installed an update to Mcafee virusscan/firewall 7 
today and it locked out printer shares and web and email
I can see the other computers just fine but it now will 
not recognize the printer on the peer to peer network.
I have uninstalled all of Mcafee from all computers.
I tried to remove the printer and reinstall.
I romoved the printer from the PCs trying to connect.
When I try to readd them I can see the printer but I can 
not get win2000 to take it.
It's like the firewall is blocking it.. but it has been 
I have all latest service packs/updates.
I can dial up to the ISP but now pages and email will not 
pull... like the firewall is blocking it.
I have 3 PCs sharing a printer and 2 sharing another
It happened right after the Mcafee update

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