Multiple printers showing up



  • 1. Multipage printing
    I have a Lexmark Z-52 inkjet printer which does an OK job generally for what I need. I was running Windows ME on my laptop and the drivers and software for the machine were great. They had builtin features for multipage (2,4,6,etc) and two-sided printing, so I was able to print large docs without using reams of paper and it was still readable. The 2000 and 2003 drivers have lost all these features. I assume it's just laziness on the part of Lexmark since it's an old printer. But I need to print out things like large pdf's and word docs and they are unwieldy with one sheet per page. Does anybody know of a print utility that Office could grab to do the printing the way I want, then pass it on to the Lexmark driver? I assume it would be some kind of add-on to PDF writer or Word. Power Point has it, but not Word. Thanks, Doug
  • 2. remote print
    There is a serious problem when printing with hostfront printer(remote print). user computer default printer is hp4050+Jetdirect+adsl 3m/640 +win2000 and when print job is in process ,the hostfront printer web page hang and crash frequently .Nothing printed or some page lost...... BUT some computer print well with hostfront print and all computer can print in intranet . We test some computer like p4 2.4g ,pii 350 printe with hostfront well. Why some computers with win2000 can't?? our company print many page from as/400 with hostfront,but this system is unstable!! If some patch can fix this problem,thanks.
  • 3. Web based print management
    I am having difficulty with the Web-based Printer Management. I can see the web page that is generated, but one selection is missing in "view" area in the left pane of the Active Server Page that is generated. I am logged in as administrator. Any thoughts?
  • 4. Hp 4200tn Always ask for manual feed
    Hello, Since other machines work it does not have anything to do with the printer but rather that client station. I had this problem also on the 4200tn. I simply made sure that the setting for paper was set to auto and bam it disappeared HTH Altria "WolJeff" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > Hi > I have a workstation under Win 2k sp 4 that is connect to an HP 4200tn trough the network and the printer always ask me to manual feed him. I try different driver and solution. I set everything by default even disable the first tray who is the manual feed one. But still asking for manual feed. The most bizare thing about this is that i install that same printer with the same driver on the same way on many other workstation under Win 2k pro sp4 and XP and its working very well. > i dont know what to do anymore... maybe a prayer... or a sacrifice..... i will light a candle and hope. > Thanks for your further help.
  • 5. Problems with printing specific pages in Word 2000
    Heya word folks, I'm having an issue printing from Word 2000 (version 9.0.3821 SR-1) to a Canon Color ImageRunner C3200 (unable to determine the version of the drivers for the four components). I can print documents normally (the entire document only), but if I try to print specific pages from the document, or a specified range of pages, nothing happens. Word pretends like it's printing, but the job never reaches the spooler, or it never reaches the printer - I can't figure out which. Solutions I've tried: - Turn off the print spooler and print directly to the printer - Turn off background printing - Set spooler to wait until document is completely spooled to print - Tried all four drivers for the C3200 - none work None of these have worked. A MVP (Dian Chapman) suggested that it could be a printer timeout issue, but I am unable to find the applicable setting on the server (we have the printer hooked up to an IP address, and are using TCP/IP printing I believe). I tracked down the lpt timeout key in the registry, but it was already set to 15 seconds (it was assumed that the key was set at 3). Is there anyone that has found a fix for this issue? Thanks for your time! Matt Billock

Multiple printers showing up

Postby Anne » Sat, 14 Feb 2004 03:18:07 GMT

We published our network printers in Active 
Directory...the printer server is clustered.

All of sudden multiple entries for the saem printer start 
showing in AD as following:


When I try to install a printer for the user all of them 
show up and I don't know which one to choose...actually 
all of them work.

Why is this heppening and how can I figure out which one 
to delete?

If I search in AD for the printername the above are the 

It is very confusing for the users when they want to 
install a printer.

Please help.


Re: Multiple printers showing up

Postby Felix Maxa [MSFT] » Fri, 20 Feb 2004 10:36:30 GMT

This is a tough one. Do you know which one shows up first? Do all the 
printers published by a certain print server have multiple entries in the 

Felix Maxa
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team
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