Pausing HP2430n Printing During Non-office Hours



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Pausing HP2430n Printing During Non-office Hours

Postby Marty » Sat, 28 Apr 2007 22:01:39 GMT

We have an HP Laserjet 2430n Printer with built-in JetDirect. I need a way 
to automatically stop the print from printing during non-office hours. I 
would need to resume printing manually. We have motion sensors in the office 
and when the office alarm is set and someone prints to the printer during 
off hours using remote desktop, it sets the alarm off and the police show 
up. Everyone is told not to print to that printer when using remote desktop 
but because that printer is set as the default print, just clicking the 
print icon in any office program send the print job automatically to the 
print. We would need to manually resume printing because if Monday was a 
holiday and it resumed automatically, it would set the alarm off.

Any Suggestions,

Re: Pausing HP2430n Printing During Non-office Hours

Postby Alan Morris [MSFT] » Sun, 29 Apr 2007 04:03:18 GMT

Talk to your alarm provider and see it they can rig something to deactivate 
power to the device when the alarm is active.

If the printer is shared from an XP or greater machine, you can schedule a 
task to pause the printer everyday at a specific time

use the vbs scripts in system32

prnqctl -z -p printername

If the sharing machine is Win2k this solution will not work.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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 http://www.**--****.com/ ;[ln];kbhowto

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Re: Pausing HP2430n Printing During Non-office Hours

Postby Ross Presser » Sun, 29 Apr 2007 08:13:57 GMT

If the sharing machine is Win2k, you could still use AutoHotkey to
send keystrokes to the printer to pause it.

Or -- maybe a bit drastic -- you could schedule "NET STOP SPOOLER" and
"NET START SPOOLER" to shut down printing completely.

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disapears (I'm not sure that it will happen qucikly).
It is not an option to stop the spooler or manually delete the stuck job, we 
need this to work without manual influence.

I had some solutions that it could be a missconfiguration in the printer 
drivers that did not correspond to the settings of the printer, but I'm not 
sure that that is the problem.
I also tried to set the printers to "Start printing after last page is 
spooled" today, and maybe it will be better if the files (small as big print 
jobs) are spooled to 100% when the status of the job it thrown between Paused 
and Printing. But this is just a guess...

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If you have had this problem, how did you try to solve it?
Do you think that any of the to guesses here above can/will work?

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