Print jobs not deleted from spool queue


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    I just fixed a problem and thought I would let others know about it. I recently installed a Belkin PCI wireless network card in a Windows 2000 Pro desktop PC . After that, the computer started having all kinds of problems. I reinstalled the software but still had problems. One problem was that the RPC service would hang and this caused all kinds of other services to not start because of dependencies. The Print Spooler service, the Com+ service, the Messengers service and others would not start. I was also getting "Error initializing VBA" error in Excel and the Office Assistant would not start. Also, I could not view property pages in Event Viewer or Device Manager. This was all very strange and seemed unconnected but it all started after installing the wireless network card so after removing the software fix it, I figured it had to be the hardware and sure enough it was. I haven't figured out if it is just a bad card, bad software, or bad PCI slot. I am going to try a USB wireless network adapter and see if that works.
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    I'm running w2k spack 4 with 512MB of RAM The spooler service keeps too many handles up about 1,500 or more in 24 hours of use. This eat up all the available non-paged pool memory till the point the server is unuseable. I did find a program on the net that will let me see what files are open in the handles. So I looked at the spooler services and I found lots of open files. D24: File \Device\RawIp\1 D28: File \Device\RawIp\1 D2C: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D34: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D38: File \Device\RawIp\1 D3C: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D40: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D44: File \Device\RawIp\1 D48: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D50: File \Device\RawIp\1 D58: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D5C: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D60: File \Device\RawIp\1 D68: File \Device\RawIp\1 D70: File \Device\RawIp\1 D74: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D78: File \Device\RawIp\1 D7C: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D88: File \Device\RawIp\1 D8C: File \Device\RawIp\1 D94: File \Device\Afd\Endpoint D98: File \Device\RawIp\1 This is just a very small example of all the files that are open
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    hi, all of a sudden if i try to install a network printer to a windows 2000 workstation from my domain controller by draging and droping from the domain controller to the printer folder on the workstation the cursor i am draging with gets that round circle with the line thru it and i can not drop it onto the workstation printer window. i have been doing this for 5 years and all of a sudden it stops working all printer on my server are shared and listed in the directory any ideas thanks rich
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    Hello - I am new to this forum stuff so please bear with me. I have been looking for any documentation on recommended capacity planning for a microsoft print cluster. Does anyone have any links that talks about this? Thank You, Woodrow Collins
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    We are running a windows2000 as printserver. Sometimes the spoolerservice are unable to process a job. We empty the spool folder and restarts the service and the printerserver is once again functional - but we would like to know how to identify the job wich causes the spooler service to disfunction. Perhabs with some sort of third party software. Thx

Print jobs not deleted from spool queue

Postby Ray » Thu, 20 Nov 2003 06:38:14 GMT

When I send a print job to a network printer, specifically 
an HP 9000dn, the job is not deleted from the queue after 
it prints. I have to open the printer and cancel all 
documents spooled. How can I fix this?


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1.Print job deletes from queue before spooling or printing

I have a few computers that when logged in as a user, the print jobs
delete before they finish spooling or printing.

OS: Win2k Pro
Printer: HPG85xi networked on a JetDirect 170x OfficeConnect (J4102B)
Users are logged in to computers via Active Directory
Latest Drivers are installed on client computers

When the user tries to print, the print job deletes when before it
finishes spooling.  If I log in as the local admin account it prints
fine.  Not all computers have this problem only a few.  There are no
errors or other notices in the event log.  Computers are running with
SP3 or SP4, problem does not seem to be SP related issue.  I have
tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers but no luck.

The problem seems to just appear.  No changes, that i know of, were
made to the system prior to the problem starting.

Any ideas?

2.Windows 2003 SP1 and Printing - Job will NOT delete from print queue

We switched our network printer from a Windows 2003 cluster to a standalone 
Windows 2003 SP1 server.    We are getting job in our print queues that we 
cannot delete, therefore we have to restart the print spooler.    Since we 
have mostly HP printers here, we are using the "HP Standard TCP/IP" port, I 
don't know if this has anything to do with our trouble or not.    Is there 
any hotfixes for this issue?    What is the difference between "HP Standard 
TCP/IP" port and "Standard TCP/IP" port?

Eric Sabo 

3.Can not delete print jobs or files in print queue

Why does it take so long to delete a print job?  I just want to print a 
document, and it seams to screw up a lot more lately with funny characters 
coming out, and deleting the job or turning off the printer doesn't work.  10 
minutes to delet a job is too long.  

What is in C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS?
Mine shows FP00001.SHD and FP00001.SPL the last one is listed as a shockwave 

Please help me fix the printer.  thanks. don't get deleted from spool queue

On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 01:49:09 +0200, Svein Morten Rougn<< XXXX@XXXXX.COM >> wrote:

>>On Fri, 29 Aug 2003 11:40:26 +0200, Christine 
><< XXXX@XXXXX.COM >> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On all XP computers in our office we have the following problem. When
>>> I print a document, on any printer (or PDFwriter), the document prints
>>> normally, but doesn't get deleted from the spool queue. 
>>I administer more than one hundred computers with Windows XP. Have not 
>>experienced the problem you are describing. If you have a print server it 
>>sounds like the problem is with the server.

It happens on both printers we have, we don't have a print server. It
also happens with pdf printjobs. And it happens on a number of
different winxp computers.

>>Another print problem I HAVE experienced on ALL Windows XP computers is the 
>>Illegal operation if I try to delete a print job from the queue. To delete 
>>it I have to select File>>Cancel all print jobs.

Hmm. I can delete jobs, no problem.

>>This leads me to believe that the Print spooler in Windows XP is a bit 

That's for sure. Do MS people read this group at all?


5.Jobs not deleted from print queue

I installed a hp 1200 laserjet printer and shared it.  It 
prints, but the jobs sit in the queue and print again the 
next morning. When I open print queue the documents have 
status "printed" and number of pages displayed is very 
strange - 14 pages for ordinary Test Page...  
How do I get these jobs to delete after they print?

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