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  • 1. Trying to Add A Printer
    I have attached a Xerox printer to my computer, and have shared it with all the other computers in the office. All computers can print via my computer, except one. On this troublesome computer, when I go to control panel/ printers/ add printer/ and enter the correct printer name, I get "access denied", even though I have granted access rights to that computer. The computer I am attempting to get to print on the Xerox printer is also the server. Does anyone know what is going on? And, how to fix this problem.
  • 2. font sizes when printing from the Web
    I have 2 computers, both running W2k and connected to the same printer. One prints a web report in larger print size than the other. I have duplicated the settings on both (tools-general-fonts and view-print size) however, I can not make a change. Is there some other place that I can make a change that will reduce the print size to a desired level????
  • 3. Backup/restore W2K print server
    Hello, I'm looking for some advice on the best way to back up/restore a W2K print server? Thanks in advance, Colette
  • 4. Blank pages at end of print jobs
    I have just set up a new Windows 2000 server (with SP 4) and I am currently rolling it out to replace our older Windows 2000 server (currently at SP 2). I have encountered the following problem with our Xerox Phaser 860 printer: The printer will print 2 blank pages at the end of each print job, but only from Windows 98 clients and only through the new server. The problem occurs with or without reloading the driver from the new server (it occurs just by changing the port), but does not occur printing directly from the server or from Windows XP clients. All settings regarding separator pages are turned off, and it appears to me that all settings are identical between the two servers. The problem does not occur for any of our other printers or plotters (all HP devices). Thank you in advance for any ideas. Erik Langeland, Silvacom Ltd.

printer resources

Postby Leo » Tue, 26 Aug 2003 09:00:04 GMT

The printer doesn't install due to to lack of resources.
What the dialogue box says is" The printer can't continue 
its operation due to lack of reesources. The print 
subsystem is unavailable." The printer that i have is 
Epson Stylus C82. Also when i shut down my computer, a 
dialogue box appears and it says " this program is not 
finished, C:\winnt\system32\setups.exe" PLease can 
somebody help me.

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