Printermigration WNT -> W2k


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Printermigration WNT -> W2k

Postby U2ViYXN0aWFuIEJydWdnZXI » Thu, 04 Mar 2004 20:16:09 GMT

Hello newsgroup

i want to migrate some printers from an Windows NT4 Domain in to a Active Directory Domain. To save time i want to have a tool or something that could read out the settings of the printers in the Windows NT4 Domain printserver (e.g. Paper Size, Paper Tray, Color Scheme) and put it into the settings of the AD Domain printserver.
If this not possible or too risky, because the drivers of NT4 and W2k (the printer will be the same, we just migrate the ports and queues) are too different, do you know a tool that just can read out the settings in depth from the NT4 Server 



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