Printing job in FIFO



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Printing job in FIFO

Postby Kempnich Nicolas » Thu, 20 Nov 2003 19:44:09 GMT

How it is possible to configure a print queue so all jobs 
are printed in their submited order ?

Thanks in advance.

Nicolas Kempnich

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Hi, this happens with printer connected to non-existent LPT1 port or TCP/IP 
1) Send first print job, when calling StartDoc set DOCINFO lpszOutput to 
NULL, it sits in front of queue, no problem.
2) Send second print job, same as first job, it sits behind first job in 
queue, no problem.
3) Send third print job, but this time when calling StartDoc set DOCINFO 
lpszOutput to a file path. The file is new and it is on either ProgramData or 
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Hi all,

I have a remote site which has this very consistent problem:
they can print on their WASP lable printer fine (it runs off of one of
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a TCP/IP port),
they keep getting an extra print jobs:
- which are empty
- first one can't be deleted
- first one stalls the PC's printer queue and the printer itself

Restarting the spooler clears the problematic first empty print job,
but my long suffering network users don't get access to windows they end up rebooting their PC instead.

The local printers can't be reached directly from the terminal server,
as this would require investing in a VPN endpoint. They are not
getting a windows 2008 server neither (to run a TS gateway).

Since the label printer works fine, I reckon the HP2600n should too.
HP support is coming up blank so far.

Anybody else out there came across this empty print job problem?

Wim Wauters

IT sysadmin

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