PRinting Problem IE6


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    Ok here is an issue... A user comes from another office within the same organization with his laptop. That laptop is bound to a domain controller from where he is from. He comes to our location, logs in fine(using cached credentials)and needs to get hooked up to one of our printers here... He can ping the server with the printers attached to it, but when you try to browse to it(either by run or network places), you cannot install or even access the shared printers because "A log in server cannot be contacted for your domain" (or something very similar to that). What would be the best way to get him hooked up to a printer here? At first thought, I would grant him a username and password for our domain here, but he would then have to be removed from his current domain(which could cause problems going back) and rejoined to our domain to be able to pick up and use the username here. Logging on locally would not work because the user does not have admin privledges and I would not know the admin password(of course we could get it...) I am just curious as to what is the best way is for a user who is already joined to a domain, leave that domain, and plug in to our network here and still be able to access resources on our domain? ...i hope i made that clear...
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    I set up a printer on a 2000 machine that is on a network. When I click on security and add users to be able to use the printer, all of the users show up. However, when they log on, the printer is not there. Since we are a school and have over 200 kids using these machines, how do I get the printer to stay so that when they log on it is there, without adding to each child when they log on?
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PRinting Problem IE6

Postby Raashid » Tue, 13 Jul 2004 13:14:34 GMT

I am printing one Arabic and English e-from from the 
website (both in one page), when i given to print command 
Arabic is not printing (some other characheter is printing 
like ASCII) only english is printing. i am using HP1300 
Laserjet printer. Please help me.

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1.Print problem IE6.0


I wud appreciate if someone can help me out with this.
The only way i can directly print from my browser (IE6.0 
SP1 updated) is by clicking on the print icon in the 
Standard Buttons bar. This way the entire web page gets 
printed. Nothing happens if i use Ctrl+P or Print Command 
from File Menu. The Print dialouge box does appear but in 
spite of clicking on Print button there is no activity in 
the printer (even the print icon that comes in the status 
bar does not appear). 

Now, the real problem comes when i need to print the 
selection in the web page. In spite of making selection on 
the web page and clicking on "selection" option in the 
Print dialouge box (Ctrl+P or Print command from File menu 
or right click on the selection)and finally clicking on 
Print button.. no print !!

Imagine.. copying different bits from the web page to the 
Word and then taking print.. Painful !!!

2.Printing problem IE6 and OE

When printing an email I get 6 pages all the same that look like a partial 
screen shot (ie scroll bars are printed) and only part of the email is shown.
With a web page the page is only a quarter of the page and again 6 copies.
This happens on 2 different printers. I use XP Pro

3.Nested List Printing Problems IE6


A strange problem occurs when my client tries to print a document which 
features a 3-4 level nest list. On the first and second level, the list items 
print fine (both UL and OL), but on the thrid and forth level, the list items 
have extra spaces in the listed words, there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or 
reason to it, as some words are broken up after the first letter, other are 
broken up after the third or fifth letter.

This means that a nested list (lets say 3rd level) looks fine inside the 
browser or even in the print preview, but once it is actually printed it 
could look like this:

a. Po   licy updates....
b. F   ield Trip assessment
c. Benefit   s

I can't provide a link since this if for an intranet.

Anyone have any ideas of what's happening? Some more info: As mentioned, the 
pages are in an intranet, pages are aspx, but only for includes. The HTML is 
straight HTML, we are only using CSS for basic text formatting (no spacing 
formatting) and link formatting.


4.IE6 Printing and Print Preview problems

We are having a problem with IE6 at the moment, when you 
click print or print preview in IE nothing happens at all 
no error message or event's logged nothing at all!  The 
toolbar print button does nothing also.  This seems to 
have happened on machines we have moved from our old NT 
domain to the new AD domain.  IE does this for any user 
domain admin, local admin and normal users.

PC's are Windows 2000 SP2, IE6 SP1.  I have tried loading 
Windows 2000 SP3 and the Cumulative Patch for SP1 but 
still the same.  If I uninstall IE6 and go back to 5.5 
printing and print preview works fine reload IE6 and it 
stops again.

One more thing on the windows update site I can select the 
downloads and click start download I get the EULA click 
accept and nothing happens?


5.printing problem of internet cant print but print of note pad

"Will" wrote:

> We received a software license for a single Windows 2003 Server Standard
> Edition that I believe is either pirated or some kind of misrepresentation
> about the type of license.   The license we received has the product key on
> an orange Product Key sticker.   I have seen such stickers used on MSDN
> software and on evaluation or promotional software that Microsoft
> distributes, but I have never seen this orange product key sticker on the
> retail products.     The orange sticker has near it a bar code that says "CD
> SET: X09-22117".     Unfortunately, a Google search on that part number
> shows nothing, so I am hoping someone from Microsoft can use that number to
> trace the manufacturing part number to some actual product, and help me
> definitively identify what we received.
> What would be great would be a web site where I could plug in a product key
> and get back at very least identification of whether this is a retail, OEM,
> open license, etc, but per an earlier thread Microsoft apparently doesn't
> give buyers any tools for identifying any piece of information about product
> keys.
> I don't want to go nuclear on the seller until I have my facts in place, and
> I would appreciate some help.
> -- 
> Will

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