Status in Print queue says 'printed - Deleting' and doesn't print the document


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  • 1. print jobs being deleted
    I have two Win2000 servers (SP2) where the users are trying to print envelopes and landscape papers. The envelope jobs hit the queue and then disappear. Event log shows that they were sent and then deleted. It's only happening on HP LaserJet 4 Plus's. The other printers on those servers print fine. The landscape jobs print portrait mode only. The envelope print jobs have deleted messages with the Event ID of 13. I tried to find any discussion on this but no luck. I have deleted the printer and reinstalled it. Updated the driver to HP's latest on their web site. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks.
  • 2. Print spooler
    We have a server running windows 2000. Its set up as a print server and this is the only function this server does. Its spec is not that great but it works quite happily with a PII and 256mb. In our network we have around 15 Netgear print servers, on which there is a mixture of Brother 1230 and HP LJ100. In total thee is around 30 printers install with a share on this server. Our problem is that the spooler service keeps stopping and restarting. Thus resulting in print jobs sticking in their relevant print queue's and holding up the printing. This happens a few times a day and we manually have stop the spooler service and restart to clear this. I have read somewhere about increasing the spooler buffer size(or something similar) but can to find any info on the net. Can anyone shed any light on why it is doing this and any work around..?
  • 3. W2k print server for SCO 4 unix servers
    I try to use a print server on a W2K sp4 server with LPD service started but the win-server doesn't response to Sco print request. I see sync and acknowledged frame to established the connection but W2K server send next a reset frame. What's necessary to provide a print server for unix clients than'k for your hand
  • 4. Network Printing problem with canon imageclass c2100
    Hello all, I have a canon imageclass c210 color laser network printer. I have an ip network, with win 2k server, win xp & 2k pro /win xp home & 98 clients the printer gets an ip address from the router fine, and I can ping the printer from clients, and server I just can't get the printer setup wizard to see this device for configuration on any of the clients, or server. Any ideas why I cant get this network printer device to function / be seen on the windows clients, or server. Thanks MMJ II

Status in Print queue says 'printed - Deleting' and doesn't print the document

Postby Pat Davis » Fri, 24 Oct 2003 06:40:08 GMT


 I have a similar problem even though I am not using 
Citrix or Terminal Services. Simply trying to print to an 
HP Deskjet 932C. The print job appears in the print queue, 
after about 5s, shows "Printing - Deleting", and then the 
job disappears from the queue.

 Please let me know if anyone has suggestions as they may 
be applicable for me as well.


 Pat Davis
 Information Systems Officer
 Jackson Bank & Trust

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When I hold down the button on the printer to print a test page directly 
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Hope someone with Vista knowledge can help me in figuring this out.

Have a new(er) HP computer with Vista Premium attached to a Lexmark X5150 
all-in-one. This computer is also connected via home Lan (multi-port 
Ethernet switch) to an old Gateway 2000 W98 computer which prints to an old 
HP 4P.

When I print to the usb connected Lexmark using the Vista computer using IE7 
or Office 2007 (any app) the document prints, and then remains as 
"document - deleting" in perpetuity. The only way to clear it is to turn the 
printer off and back on, each time. I have the latest Lexmark Vista drivers.

Printing to the Lexmark printer from any Microsoft "Works" app is fine, and 
I can print multiple documents! (go figure).

Printing to the Laserjet4P through the Lan from IE7 or Office 2007 results 
in the same problem, but can be cleared by using the Cancel Documents 
command in the Printers window, so I don't have to manually reset the 
printer (latest drivers again). The only additional frustration is that it 
seems to take forever for the printer selection window to "stabilize", in 
other words, the printer dialog window appears with the available printers 
(XPS, Lexmark, One Note, etc.) but the installed HP4P takes roughly 3 
minutes to show up, each time I want to print.

I have scoured the Microsoft website to try and find solutions, as well as 
read some of the replies here. Please, don't anyone tell me I have to work 
around the problem by entering Dos-like commands to re-initialize the 
spooler at every document. Vista, IE7 and Office 2007 are probably 9 
generations evolved from having to resort to this kind of archaic nuisance.

I have a car I start with a key, I don't have to get out and crank-start it 
with a lever like they did in the 1920's. Likewise, I expect software to 
perform the basic functions adequately, especially with respect to an 
"operating system".

I apologize if I seem cranky and sarcastic, I am.  Thanks in advance for any 
advice!   -   Phil. 

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