Strange printer sharing problem with W2K


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    Once I send one print job to the printer (BJC 2010 on a USB port), the print queue hangs, and will not release the printer. Trying to delete the print job or cancel all jobs just causes the status of the printer job to say "deleting", but it never goes away and never releases the printer.
  • 2. printui and installing printers on remote desktops
    Hey Everybody Microsoft KB189105 states: In addition, these commands can be run from an administrator's workstation or from a server so that the printers are push-installed to the client computers without having to go to the actual computer. So I'm trying to script a push to remote computers using this command: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /n\\prnsrv\printer /c\\remotec omputername But it installs the printer on the administrative workstation that I am running the script/command from. What am I missing? Thanks for any help. Steve
  • 3. The device is not connected.
    The HP 1100 printer with the most current drivers prints about 3-5 times before giving the subject message and not printing any more. Another printer was connected and the same issue poped up. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? The printer port checked out with a loop back tester. I am lost.... Thanks...
  • 4. Unable to open Printer Prop
    Hello, I hope somebody can help me with this problem. We have a number of Windows 2K SP3 Print Servers. Several printers - HP4050, 4600, etc, ... have this issue. We are unable to access the printers properties page. When we try, we receive a function address protection fault with the additional message "Some or all property page(s) may not be displayed." Changing the drivers does not always work. Are the drivers on the server bad? Is it just certain printers? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • 5. Gridlines Out of Alignment
    We have an HP4 set up on a 2000 server. The printer serves XP workstations (not sure if there are any 2000 machines present or not). When printing an Excel file that contains gridlines, the print begins to skew about 3/4 of the way down the page. One XP user prints just fine, while the other XP user experiences the condition noted above. I have seen this one other time on an HP4 being shared by 2 XP machines and a 2000 machine. However, we moved the HP4 into a department that only had XP machines and it seems to work fine. Any ideas? Please feel free to contact me via e-mail with suggestions. Thanks Steve Rice

Strange printer sharing problem with W2K

Postby Grand_Poobah » Fri, 14 Nov 2008 00:54:34 GMT

I have W2K running on an old P3 and it is used to handle a new USB Canon 
D300 printer.  I have made it shared and can access it from three of my 
five computers (all running WinXP).  The two computers that cannot 
access the printer are laptops.  On BOTH of them, the user must first 
"log in" to the W2K computer (using the "My Network Places" panel) by 
double-clicking the icon for my W2K machine.  Once they enter their 
username/password, then they have to go through the process of 
installing the attached printer - again and again and again.  Every time 
they boot up.

I have added a BAT file to both laptop's startup folder, containing this:

net use \\ mypassword /user:myuser

and it completes correctly every time but it does NOT affect the printer 

As I said, the XP desktops do not have this problem.  They can print 
each and every time they boot up, right away - without having to re-connect.

The laptops do this if they are connected wireless OR if wired.  One 
running WinXPHome and one running WinXPPro.

Any clues as to why this is happening?


Re: Strange printer sharing problem with W2K

Postby Grand_Poobah » Fri, 14 Nov 2008 02:23:54 GMT

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I have been trying to install a shared printer (HP psc2355p) on to some 
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I was getting this error message "The server does not have the correct 
driver for the psc2355p" and it invited me to supply an inf file, which 
of course I had no idea where to find. Although an inf file ws produced 
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On the older, now redundant machines, also xp, everything went without a 
problem when installing various printers, subject to the usual vagaries 
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I have found a solution, temporarily attach printer to machine, install, 
remove printer and it will then install as shared printer from another 
machine. Lucky I have a very long usb cable around.
I wonder though, and perhaps someone here can advise me whether this a 
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replies to newsgroup only please.

2.XP Clients using W2K Terminal Services - Strange Printer Issue

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3.Strange phenomena: can share files but not printer

Hi all,

I have two Win2K Pro connected using a direct cable. One of the
computers is connected to Internet using a USB ADSL modem and is set
to use ICS with the other one. I have set a static IP for the second
computer ( and they are both on the same workgroup.

I also have a HP DeskJet 330 which is connected to the second computer
(the one which is not connected directly to the ADSL modem) - this
printer is connected via USB and not LPT1.

In order for you to be able to follow me, I will use these names for
both computers:
First computer - the one directly connected to ADSL modem
Second computer - the one sitting on the private network which has a
printer connected to it directly.

Until recently everything seemed to work fine - I could share the
printer, and files between both computers, and I even mapped a network
drive on the first computer (which reconnects at login).

Due to a problem with NIS (Norton Internet Security), I had to
download and install the new version NIS 2004.

Ever since then (I think..) I have a strange phenomena which I cannot
explain and I have searched the web a lot before posting here.

It seems as though both servers do not "see" each other using the "My
Network Places". This means when I click the "Computers near me" I may
see the name of the second computer (sometimes), but when I double
click it - I get an error: "the volume does not contain a recognized
file system".

The strangest thing is that the previously mapped network drive still
works !
I can even type \\<hostname>\c$ and I get the directory listing...

Now normally I would let things go but the problem is I can't share
the printer... I tried using \\<hostname>\<printer_name>  but that
didn't work. I even tried using \\\<printer_name> but
that didn't work either.

I also disabled the firewall filtering - but that didn't work either..




4.Strange behavior of shared dot matrix printer...

I have a customer who just recently upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows
2000.  They have one machine that has a connected dot matrix printer.  This
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other machines needs to connect to this shared printer via LPT3.  When I
went in and established the sharing for the printer on the machine with the
attached printer the port it is using is LPT1.  When I go to the other
machine and add a new printer, select the printer on the other machine and
then set it to local port LPT3 it changes it for both machines.  Is this
normal behavior?  Has anyone had any experience successfully hooking up a
shared dot matrix printer.  This is a real puzzler for me.  Any help would
be appreciated.  TIA....


Bobby C.
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Good Money To Be Made In Prolonging The
Problem." - from the 2002 Despair series posters
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software installed.

We've removed it from the domain, deleted the account from the DC and
then joined it back on. Still the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

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