Capturing a printer port


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  • 1. Printers not showing up under different user accounts
    We have a couple different ways of printing set up. We use Novell's NDPS and Microsoft. If I set up a NDPS printer in the printers folder of a Win2K workstation WHILE signed in as administrator, I can then sign-on as a another user and use the printer. HOWEVER, if I set up a printer which resides on a Microsoft server WHILE signed in as administrator, I cannot even see that printer in the printers folder if I sign-on as another user. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to correct it? Thanks.
  • 2. Epson LQ870 Quickbooks Windows 2000
    Have client that recently replaced Windows 98 PC with Windows 2000 PC. Quickbooks now prints 7's where dots used to print. I have tried all sorts of drivers. GEneric, LQ510, LQ800, LQ1070 etc. to no avail. Intuit & Epson both blame Microsoft's driver. A Windows 98 PC networked to this 2000 printer, prints from Quickbooks fine. Epson has no Windows 2000 driver for the LQ870. Quickbooks recommended the LQ510 which did not help. If I use a LQ1070 driver the dots will print, but everything prints letter quality and takes forever as well as too small and compressed. I've tried everything! Help.
  • 3. Error code 114
    Receiving the following error when attempting the first print request of the day on Win2000 server with Centrix ciient. error code: 114, pc=0, call=1, seg=0 114 Attempt to access item beyond bounds of memory (signal 11) Is this caused by the Application, the NOS, or the OS? Thanks
  • 4. spooler issues / event 61
    am trying to resolve issues of spooler service on a number of servers (build - win2k / sp3) which every so often is stopping and requiring administrator restart. warning events logged on the offending servers are; event id - 61 gives us that this is documented by pss ref 810647 and which tells us this was fixed in sp4 it does suggest a hotfix is available which if we must modify the DC's to fix this would seem to be of a lesser impact than sp4 installation - is there a hotfix even better would be that this in fact caused by "buggy" drivers and is resolved by update of print driver any one share this issue / give further information. GT
  • 5. IBM Personal Printer II 2391 and form length
    I have an old IBM Personal Printer II 2391 that is still being used to print checks. We recently moved it from a Windows 98 system to a Windows 2000 system and now can't get the checks to line up. There was a Custom Paper size selected in Windows 98 that was width 850, length 700, units .01 inch. I went into the printers folder in 2000, right clicked and selected Server Properties and defined a form that was English units, 8.50in in Width and 7.00in in Height. No margins were defined (just like Win98 had nothing in the unprintable area settings). I then went and set the default in 2000 to use this paper everywhere I could find it -- and I associated it with each tray. No matter what I do the printer jumps 11 inches when it does a form feed. I looked at the hardware settings and this appears to only have 2 settings -- 11 inches and 12 inches. It's a model 2391-001 if it matters. I've tried using other drivers like the LexMark 2391 and even generic text and it still doesn't work under 2000 (but it does under 98). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, John (about to re-enact the scene from Office Space with the printer in a field)

Capturing a printer port

Postby Dan » Wed, 19 Nov 2003 00:08:57 GMT

Does anyone know how to capture a printer port in Windows 

I need to take a network printer and map it to LPT1...


Capturing a printer port

Postby anonymous » Thu, 20 Nov 2003 02:58:23 GMT

net use [devicename | *] [\\computername\sharename
[\volume]] [password | *]] [/user:[domainname\]username] 
[[/delete] | [/persistent:{yes | no}]]

that is all the parameters.  I usually use 

net use lpt1 \\printserver\printer /persistant:yes

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Hey all,

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When users connect to the corporate network using Cisco VPN client 4.6 they 
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is there a way to capture the printer port of a stand alone printer to lpt1?
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I have tried removing the HP printer software with the HP disc. I then 
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