Network printers showing up multiple times



  • 1. Too many printers mapped
    With RDP 5.2, network printers are mapped which is great. However, every printer on every client is connected. With 40 - 50 users logged often logged in at any given time, there are hundreds of printer sessions. I beleive this is causing the server too be sluggish. Is there any way to have only their default printer mapped?
  • 2. Remote Desktop does not work with Automated login.
    I set up a "kiosk" Win XP Pro machine and automated the login, via the registry, so the kiosk user in our domain automatically logs on when the machine is turned on. I cannot remote into this machine when this happens. However if I hold the shift key down during Windows bootup and log on manually as that same user I can remote in no problem. Is there any way to get Remote working with the automated login? Thanks for any help on this. Dawn
  • 3. After two days terminal server disconnects users?
    I have windows 2000 terminal server supporting approximately 10 users from different remote (3) sites. All users are connecting by Cisco 1710 VPN tunnel. All sites have WIN3K DC. Terminal server runs on HP TC4100, CPU 1.2 Ghz, RAM 1.3GB. After two days or so terminal server drops all connections, all other services continue to work fine (email, network drives, print server from different servers), after reboot it works perfect, for two or so days. Any clues? Thank you, Confused
  • 4. Licensing problem
    I have an interesting issue with licensing. A couple months ago I had a terminal server with TS licensing running, on this server I had 25 CAL's installed. Recently we changed the Domain that that server belonged to, to another domain that had a licening server installed on. Appearently we lost the 25 CAL's off of the computer and now I want to get those onto the new server. Can anyone tell me if I will run into any problems when I install these licenses onto the new licensing server? Thank you in advance for your advice.

Network printers showing up multiple times

Postby EvilJ3ff » Fri, 10 Dec 2004 00:41:27 GMT

Say you have a network with some printers attached

When we are running our app through Terminal Server and the user goes
to print a documnet the list of printers becomes

Is there anyway to have Terminal Service filter out the printers for
other users?

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------instructions from the WMP10 readme file below-----
Formatting a device may not remove the device category from your library
If you format a device, either in My Computer or by clicking the Format 
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In the Contents pane, right-click the device name category that you want to 
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