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windows 64bit

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    Bonjour, Est-ce que quelqu'un a trouvune solution au phome de redirection lorsque l'on fait une recherche en utilisant Google par exemple ? (Windows 7 - 64 bits) En balayant le PC avec Windows Defender ou avec Ms Tools Spyware, rien n'a trouvqui permet de roudre le proble. Merci pour votre collaboration et vos suggestions. Salutations.
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    Hello NG, I am struggling with the windows 7 search. I somehow can't figure out how to search for a <file> containing <text> within the windows explorer. I moved from XP to W7 a few month ago and in XP this is easy so I assume it should be possible in W7 too, right? Regards Rainer
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    Hey all, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit here and I am trying to figure out how to track how long users use a PC during there logon times. Is there a way to see how long one used their logons. Just to clarify, I don't want to know how to restrict logon hours, I just like to see how long one was on for the duration of their logon. Thanks, Tom

drivers, programs + FS

Postby c3dhbGV4eA » Sat, 24 Mar 2007 04:50:10 GMT

Howdy doody 

upgrading my pc in the nxt wk or two. wonering if its worth the upgrade t 
vista yet or still to much hassle (will b x64 if i do).

i know that most of my drivers will work what about Logitech camera drivers?


anybody know of any REAL (not avast, we dont get along, BSoD!) runtime virus 
scanners that wrk?
Does anybody know if kerico or jetico wrk on vista x64?
is firefox x64 on vista?
does Deamon tools wrk on vista x64?

Are there drivers for mounting raiser4 FS in vista x64?
what file systems does vista support could i install it  on Reiser?

hope you can answer at least a few. thanks 

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