NVIDIA ForceWare 93.71 WHQL (XP/Server 2003 x64)

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  • 1. Canoscan Lide 30
    Does anyone know a workaround for the Canoscan Lide 30 scanner on x64? Canon evidently doesn't care about bringing official 64-bit drivers to those of us too poor to have a high-end scanner. I really don't want to have to install regular old Windows XP in order to scan, and buying a new scanner is pretty much out of the question- my current budget just won't allow any new purchases. I searched the normal places I'd check for any 64-bit drivers (planetamd64, the product's website, etc.) but no luck. Has anyone had any success with any drivers not specifically made for this scanner? Any replies are appreciated. Thanks!
  • 2. Help with New install please
    First, I need a system tray clock to get rid of the horrid one MS hasn't changed since windows95. Alfaclock, tclock do not work...does anyone know of one that will work in this OS ??? Second, I have a 250 gig drive in a vantec nexstar case. It refuses to work. I'm a very experienced user with 5 comps and several builds behind me - tried all the basic stuff. I happen to have 2 computers which are almost identical - the one that is running xp recognizes it right away, xp64 does not and as a matter of fact, the computer will not start or shut down if this drive is turned on. So, does anyone have a removeable drive, USB, that is working with this OS ? My flash keys work perfectly... One other weird thing is my vantec drive bay is not working. I have 2 x 320 utility drives for it, these are not recognized and not found in disk management...They are recognized on boot however... Since I have 4 other drives all set up and working, I don't understand why I can't even format this drive and getting it working in windows... I'm so on the verge of going back to xp because it has been 10 days now, 6K spent excluding monitors and about 70 hours trying to get this all installed, configured and working...I could always come back to this point with my image if and when things improve in 64...trying to hang in there but this is frustrating as hell... thanks for any help....
  • 3. are there no drivers for the Brooktrout TruFax 200 in windows x64
    The card comes up as an unknown network controller when I install it in the system.
  • 4. Is Word included in Microsoft XP Professional?
    I was told that Microsoft XP Professional 2002 version included Word, Excel, & Powerpoint. Is this true. I really hope so. I recently purchase Microsoft XP Professional on the internet and have not received it. So I am waiting just hoping that I was given good advice. Can anyone verify that for me? -- Cha Cha

NVIDIA ForceWare 93.71 WHQL (XP/Server 2003 x64)

Postby Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin] » Wed, 08 Nov 2006 03:05:13 GMT


Resolved Issues for 64-bit Operating Systems
Single-GPU Issues Resolved

  a.. 233027 VFA 91.47 Quadro FX4500 X2, Window XP x64: The Classic NVIDIA 
Control Panel->Edge Blending page is missing.
  b.. 233172 still open in 91_21 GeForce 7950 GX2, Windows XP x64: The 
NVIDIA Control Panel Application-Preferred antialiasing setting leaves 
antialiasing unchanged and overrides the application settings.
  c.. 232364 GeForce 7950 GX2, Windows XP x64: You cannot switch from CRT to 
DFP using the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  d.. 225618 GeForce 6150/6100 64 MB, Windows XP x64: Corruption occurs when 
running the Direct Draw test from the DirectX Diagnostic tool.
  e.. 226631 GeForce 6100/6150, Windows XP x64: Video is corrupted if MPEG2 
HD transport/program streams are played in lower screen resolutions.

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RE: NVIDIA ForceWare 93.71 WHQL (XP/Server 2003 x64)

Postby Q2FybG9z » Wed, 08 Nov 2006 07:52:02 GMT

Hey, Andre!
Welcome to planet Earth you too.
Aaron Kelley posted this last Thursday.
Thanks for the changelog!!!

Re: NVIDIA ForceWare 93.71 WHQL (XP/Server 2003 x64)

Postby Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin] » Wed, 08 Nov 2006 08:30:37 GMT

Oops, I didn't see, I saw it on the ActiveWin.com frontpage, so I assumed it 
was new. Sorry about it, hehe. :)
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