Windows?XP Professional x64 Edition i downloaded

windows 64bit

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  • 1. 64bit driver for Lexmark x2250
    I have recently built a new pc and used xp pro 64 as the o/s. Everything is fine other than I can't load the software or drivers for my Lexmark x2250, as they are not compatible with xp pro 64. I have contacted Lexmark, who say they do not have any 64 bit drivers available for this model and I was wondering if anyone had had the same problem and, more importantly, do they have a resolution to this? The last thing I want to do is to have to get a new printer/scanner Thanks
  • 2. Process preventing shutdown
    So I did a fresh install of X64 with SP2, got all my updates etc. Now one of them is stopping it from rebooting my computer when I say Restart, and shutting it down when I tell it to turn off. The Application log says its a Userenv:1517 error, which means a process didnt terminate correctly. The two problems I have are: It's a process running under SYSTEM. I can't tell which one. So, it's one of the most recent Automatic Updates I did, since a fresh install with no updates doesn't have this problem. And it appears to be an important one. Any way of telling which one it is?
  • 3. XP Pro X64 & Shuttle PN18G Wireless LAN Kit
    Installed the PN18, and have been unable to get it to work on a Shuttle ST20G5 XPC running XP x64sp2. I had pulled down 64 bit drivers for this a few months back from the shuttle site, and they installed without any problems. My router sees the PN18 MAC Addee, but the PN18 doesn't see the router. Router is less than 4 feet away, so signal isn't an issue. Anyone else had experience(s) with the PN18, would like to hear what you did to get it to work. Thanks, Eric
  • 4. Cannot burn a dual layer dvd
    Ive tried using Nero 7 and windows (vista ultimate x64), the disc is ejected without attempting a burn and an error message appears "unable to burn the project". The dvd properties do show a 8GB disc in the drive and device manager says its working properly. Other than this problem it has worked fine. Its an LG GSA 4163B super multi re writer, the firmware is up to date, windows is up to date and has no updates for this problem. The discs are Infiniti 8x dual layer +r. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated thanks

Re: Windows?XP Professional x64 Edition i downloaded

Postby Ruud » Mon, 09 Jan 2006 06:54:09 GMT

It must be included within the email , with the download-link, you received 
after you registered.

Re: Windows?XP Professional x64 Edition i downloaded

Postby Andre Da Costa [Extended64] » Mon, 09 Jan 2006 07:46:10 GMT

If you don't find the e-mail in your inbox, make sure you check your Junk 
Mail folder, it usually ends up there.
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