XP x64 lifecycle tied to XP or Windows Server?

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XP x64 lifecycle tied to XP or Windows Server?

Postby Tm9zcGFtYm96 » Tue, 16 Jan 2007 15:08:01 GMT

Is the XP Pro x64 support lifecycle tied to that of XP or to Windows
Server 2003?

I'm wondering whether the two-year mainstream support clock starts
at the end of the month (when Vista replaces XP) or when Windows
Server Longhorn comes out.


Re: XP x64 lifecycle tied to XP or Windows Server?

Postby Charlie Russel - MVP » Tue, 16 Jan 2007 16:11:20 GMT

We'll have to wait for an official report, but I would expect the answer to 
be tied to Vista.


Re: XP x64 lifecycle tied to XP or Windows Server?

Postby Colin Barnhorst » Wed, 17 Jan 2007 00:18:54 GMT

The XP Pro x64 Lifecycle info is at:
 http://www.**--****.com/ +Professional+x64&x=6&y=12

"Mainstream support will end two years after the next version of this 
product is released. Extended support will end five years after mainstream 
support ends."

That translates to two years after Jan 30, 2007.

For all lifecycle info, navigate to microsoft.com and search on "lifecycle."

Re: XP x64 lifecycle tied to XP or Windows Server?

Postby Colin Barnhorst » Wed, 17 Jan 2007 09:14:30 GMT

All there is to go by is the lifecycle page.  The fact that XP Pro x64 
shares the WS 2003 codebase just ties it to WS 2003 for service packs and 

Vista x64 is the release that supercedes XP Pro x64 so that happens this 
month.  Longhorn Server will supercede Server 2003 in the second half of 
2007 assuming it releases as scheduled so the lifecycles of XP Pro x64 and 
Server 2003 will not coincide.

There isn't even information about how long XP Pro x64 remains available to 
OEM's but I assume no longer than one year from now.

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