NVidia 160.04's whql Vista x64, unofficial

windows 64bit

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  • 1. Win32 install error "for a machine type other than current machine
    Installing NetPhone PBX client 2.4.1, a Win32 application in XP Pro X64 I get this error on launching Setup.exe ... "The image file <C:\blah blah blah\setup.exe is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine." Setting the app compatibility mode didn't help ... This is not good news ... Our robust CTI PBX, though the company is long defunct, is far from finuto ... Suggestions?
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    While I'm at it I'd also like to ask. Why does my IE 7 on x64 machine hang on certain web pages and leave me staring at a blank page website? Sometimes I refresh and the page comes up. Other times I refresh and refresh and refresh and it doesn't ever show up. I cut and paste the url into a vm'ed windows xp 32 bit version and the page pops up no problem. Or I fire up a 32 bit table pc and the page shows up no problem. Did I get screwed again by M$ in being an early adopter of sorts. I left the machine alone for several months and used another older one expecting to leave the patches and service pack catch up to my problems but all to no avail.
  • 3. RUNDLL - Error Message
    i am using windows XP pro with Service pack 2 the issue I face is: Reply: Thank you for your help & assistance. I re-read the actual error message on my screen: it reads verbatim as follows-- RUNDLL Error loading: C:\Windows\system32\ajaxcjsg.dll The specified module can not be found. I hope this helps and makes things clearer. Thank U
  • 4. XP pro x64 system crashing -- PLEASE HELP!!!
    A year ago, I decided to put a system together - thought I was getting the latest and greatest, but got nothing more than headache after headache ( you can chalk that up to this being my first build). All in all, I am not disappointed with my system. I have aLGA 775 3.73GHz Intel processor, A-bit AW8D motherboard, 2Gigs of RAM, one 400GB HD, and one 200GB HD. Recently, I have been plagued by error code 0x0000003b, but all my searches have not helped. I have installed SP2, but I still get this error message and constant crashes. The funny thing is, that it only happens on one administrator account and not the other. Can anyone please provide me with additional tips/pointers? Any help would be graetly appreciated.

NVidia 160.04's whql Vista x64, unofficial

Postby Q2FybG9z » Thu, 14 Jun 2007 00:59:01 GMT

For those having spare time, bandwith and like to live in the edge here
 http://www.**--****.com/ %20forceware.htm
you will find unofficial drivers for Vista x64 and XP x64 (160.04 and 160.02 
These french guys have proven to be trusty along time though the use of 
these unofficial drivers is completely on your own and I take no 
responsibility on the use of them.
If the Universe suddenly collapses, if Tony starts speaking fluent Spanish, 
or if Charlie dumps ATI and goes NVidia, or John Barnes materializes in the 
middle of the ocean, well...
I don't feel liable for that.
PS: Downloading as we speak...

Re: NVidia 160.04's whql Vista x64, unofficial

Postby Tony Sperling » Thu, 14 Jun 2007 03:01:13 GMT

Ah, that I could read Borges, Mquez, Asturias, Paz, Vargas Llosa, de
Cervantes and Bosch in their natural tongue - and that's just to name a few
of the old bulls, no - I wouldn't mind that at all.

I have never tried the 'Station-Drivers' - if I need something out of the
ordinary I usually go to NGOHQ - there is also Omega Drivers, I really think
they are all the same hand tuned basic driver, sometimes adorned with a bit
of advertising. NGOHQ, at least, is free from those although if you don't
watch out they'll set themselves up as your 'current' home page - a real
easy fix!

Tony. . .


Re: NVidia 160.04's whql Vista x64, unofficial

Postby Q2FybG9z » Thu, 14 Jun 2007 07:11:04 GMT

I have just installed the 160.04's, having done the previous homework:
1.- Create a restore point.
2.- Uninstall 158.18's
3.- Reboot and install VGA
4.- Update to 160.04
5.- Reboot

No problems so far.
DxDiag reports everything Ok and WHQL.
I guess I will have to wait for my kids to try the 3D thing.


Re: NVidia 160.04's whql Vista x64, unofficial

Postby Tony Sperling » Sat, 16 Jun 2007 09:21:21 GMT

I think I remember you having some display issue at one point, Carlos. Is
that gone now?

Tony. . .

Re: NVidia 160.04's whql Vista x64, unofficial

Postby Q2FybG9z » Sat, 16 Jun 2007 19:42:00 GMT

I had BSOD's on Vista x64 startup (after showing the desktop) after 
installing NVidia's official whql 158.24's, international version.
Some said that this issue was only present with that version and not with 
the USA one.
I didn't take my chances that time and reverted to the trusty 158.18's.
Later on, the station-drivers guys posted the 160.04's, also whql and 
Gave them a shot and everything is running smoothly down here.

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