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SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Scott » Sun, 27 Dec 2009 18:39:53 GMT

Sorry if this post is a bit off topic, but I have just bought a 64 bit
Windows 7 computer.  I see there is an application called HP Advisor.
I don't see the point of it so far.  Does it actually do anything that
you would not routinely do yourself, eg Microsoft updates, checking
for new versions of programs, checking for new drivers and backing up
the computer, to list the obvious?  I am tempted to disable this.

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Tom » Sun, 27 Dec 2009 22:51:00 GMT

"HP" meaning Hewlitt Packard? If so, I would suspect that it is an updater 
through HP. You could remove it using "Programs and features" in the Control 
Panel, but that is up to you. If it isn't causing you any issues or eating 
up much needed resources, leave it be. 

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Scott » Sun, 27 Dec 2009 23:07:39 GMT

Thanks, HP is indeed Hewlett Packard.  It is rather more than an
updater, with all sorts of diagnostics and features.  I think it
probably is using up resources and seems to slow down the start of the
computer. Of course I realise that I can remove it (as I can remove
any program) but before doing so I wondered if anyone had experience
using it and whether it is anything more than a gateway to features
that are already avaiable in Windows.  Also, rather than remove it I
would prefer to prevent it from starting automatically, but I cannot
see a way of doing this.

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Don » Sun, 27 Dec 2009 23:18:29 GMT

Yes you can stop it from starting automatically.
You can do it either with MSConfig, or my preference using the program 
You can download autoruns here : 

Once  you run the program, click on the " logon " tab, and you will see a 
list of programs that start automatically when you log on to your system.
You can disable the HP Advisor here, and it won't start automatically any 
more but the program will still be on our computer.
I use for for disabling things like that, along with other non essential 
programs that load, like Adobe Reader, etc...


Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Charlie Russel - MVP » Mon, 28 Dec 2009 00:11:24 GMT

It's a good deal more than simply an updater, though it _does_ get updates 
that you won't get via WU/MU. It will slow down your startup a bit. OTOH, 
once you're up and running, it doesn't seem to have all that much of an 
impact. And it will catch some issues. I'm with Tom, I'd be inclined to 
leave it in place, but disable autostartup. Then load it periodically to 
check for HP specific updates, if nothing else. HP is pretty good about 
releasing updates to their dedicated applications and drivers, and this app 
will keep you on top of that.


Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Scott » Mon, 28 Dec 2009 01:20:19 GMT

On Sat, 26 Dec 2009 08:18:29 -0600, "Don"

I tried MSConfig / System Configuration and unticked all the Hewlett
Packard programs.  I restarted the computer.  HP Advisor etc are still
there.  Where have I gone wrong?

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Tom » Mon, 28 Dec 2009 22:12:33 GMT

They remain in the list, and as long as they are unchecked, then they are 
disabled from starting when you logon to Windows. 

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Scott » Mon, 28 Dec 2009 23:40:31 GMT


Thanks.  I meant to say they were still on the desktop (even after
restarting the computer).  However, the problem has now resolved so I
don't know what happened.

I have a different problem now.  The computer keeps going in to sleep
or hibernate mode.  I have changed the power options for the display
to go off after 20 minutes and the computer to go to sleep after 1
hour.  However, it seems to be happening far sooner.  Could HP have
imposed a different set of rules to Windows?  How can I get rid of

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Bobby Johnson » Tue, 29 Dec 2009 01:09:33 GMT

It is possible that one of the HP utilities has it's own power settings. 
  I know Dell does and I don't use it because of this.

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Tom » Tue, 29 Dec 2009 06:50:34 GMT

Those are just shortcuts to click on so you can open/use the program. Nearly 
all programs that are installed place shortcuts like these in certain 
places, but they do not mean that they will start with your logon.

It's possible that HP has its own power settings. You'll need to open HP's 
program and look for those setting, under something like an "Options" or 
"Preferences" tab/button . 

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Scott » Tue, 29 Dec 2009 07:07:06 GMT

On Sun, 27 Dec 2009 11:09:33 -0500, Bobby Johnson

Any ideas how to disable these to let Windows decide?

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Scott » Tue, 29 Dec 2009 07:09:46 GMT

I looked under 'Settings' but no sign there.  I wondered if it was one
of these registry changes that I never understand.

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Geordie » Tue, 29 Dec 2009 08:02:44 GMT

On Sun, 27 Dec 2009 22:09:46 +0000, Scott
< XXXX@XXXXX.COM > compiled the following:


Are you sure that this is down to HP?
I have a HP m/c here with HP Advisor etc and have changed the power
settings in Win7 without any problems.
You guys got something against spam? (Vriess, in _Alien 4_)

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby ShellP » Tue, 29 Dec 2009 09:38:26 GMT

Hi, you don't state whether this is a Laptop or Desktop? If a laptop,
check the Mobility Center & make sure that the "cut off" for power
setting is used for when you want it? I have mine set to "Never" go
off while connected to outside power sources. Hp auto sets it to cut
off to conserve the battery. You also may need to adjust the
properties of the WiFi connections as it to is set to go off
automatically so as not to wake it when it should not. The Hp Advisor
is a useful tool that you should be able to stop from Auto Start, but
alternatively you can disable it altogether & instead use & set the HP
updater to keep up with all necessary HP updates. Hope that helps.

Re: SOT: HP Advisor

Postby Richard » Tue, 29 Dec 2009 09:41:31 GMT


I've been watching this thread with interest because I also have a new HP
Pavilion dv7t laptop. For what it's worth, here is my suggestions and
opinions on your two issues.


I debated about actually uninstalling or at least disabling them also. After
initially hosing my computer trying to force install a piece of software not
Windows 7 compatible. I ended up having to do a complete system recovery
back to factory setting. Since then I have actually found the HP apps to be
somewhat useful in system updates and maintenance. Therefore, I have elected
to neither uninstall or disable any of them.

Since this a new machine to you also, you may want to hold off doing
anything until you have used it awhile. To the best of my observation, I
don't see where these apps have interfered with the speed or resources
utilization on my machine. I'm sure that there must be some impact it just
that I'm not aware of what it is. "Ignorance is sometimes bliss."

If you really feel strongly about this issue, I'd recommend that you
"disable" them NOT uninstall them. That way, you can always enable them if
you change your mind. Reinstalling is a lot more effort and if your machine
is like mine, you don't have an actual set of discs with the software on
them. Hopefully you did take the time to make a set of 3 recovery discs.

Please note in System Configuration/msconfig, there are multiple HP services
running under the "Services" tab. They are not all in the "Startup" tab. The
easiest way to see them is to click on the services tab, place a "check
mark" in the "Hide all Microsoft services" box located on the bottom left of
the screen. You will then see all non-Microsoft services listed. As stated
above, I have chosen to leave all of them alone, mainly because I'm not sure
what they all are and they just don't bother me.


Go to "Power Options" on the Control Panel.

The first screen you'll see is "Select a Power Plan". I recommend that you
ensure that the "HP Recommended" plan is selected.

Click on it's "change plan settings". This takes you to the "Change Settings
for the plan" HP Recommend".

Click on "Restore default settings for this plan". This will take establish
the original settings as shipped by HP.

You can then start from here and modify any settings that you desire. I've
found, for my purposes that I only changed 3 things, all of which are in
"ADVANCED SETTINGS", as follows:

1. Require a password setting on Wakeup: This is under "HP Recommended". I
changed "plugged in" to NO. That way, when I have my computer at home in my
docking station, I don't need a password to wake it up. I've left the
requirement at "Yes" for battery on the assumption that this will be used
during my travels. Note in order to make this change you will have to click
on "Change settings that are currently unavailable".

2. Power buttons and lid: For "lid close action", I changed the plugged in
setting to "do nothing". Since I use an external monitor at home, I can
close my laptop and still have the computer on. If I didn't do this, the
computer would either sleep, hibernate or shut down when I close the lid. I
left this as "sleep" on battery power.

3. Multimedia settings: It was recommended to me, because at one point,
prior to me doing the factory recovery previously mentioned, my computer
would not go to sleep at all. I changed "

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