32bit -- 64bit different browser-results

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32bit -- 64bit different browser-results

Postby Juergen Kluth » Fri, 20 May 2005 00:05:47 GMT

if i start explorer-32bit and explorer-64bit (same folderoptions) and browse 
within both for ex. to \windows\system32 i have different results .

regards jk 

Re: 32bit -- 64bit different browser-results

Postby Christophe Lauer [MS] » Fri, 20 May 2005 01:06:11 GMT


You have just experienced the "File System Redirection" of the Wow64. The 
64-Bit explorer displays the content of the %windir%\System32 directory 
where the 64-Bit binaries are stored, whereas the 32-Bit explorer displays 
the contents of %windir%\SysWow64 where the 32-Bit binaries are.

May be you want to have a look at this Wow64 presentation:


Christophe Lauer - Relations Techniques Editeurs de Logiciels
Division Deloppeurs et Plateforme d'Entreprise - Microsoft France
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Re: 32bit -- 64bit different browser-results

Postby Juergen Kluth » Fri, 20 May 2005 02:08:44 GMT

OK, Thanks, yes i understand,
i had a look to msdn....or anywhere at msft.

Now (on that) i have a new "meditation": If you have knowhow or 

if I do a backup, or an image, from *within Windows with an older 32bit- 
version (older means available now)
i should have an eye on these folders.
might be (have not checked it) internal ntbackup will have either this or 
that result, may be both...
further i guess i may have "64bit" results if i do a remote access (drive$), 
or both ?
if i do an image for backup/restore, i am on good side, if i do it from 
outside OS

any else ?

regards juergen

Re: 32bit -- 64bit different browser-results

Postby Christophe Lauer [MS] » Fri, 20 May 2005 19:18:37 GMT

Hi Juergen,

To my knowledge, current 32-Bit backup software will run in the Wow64 on x64 
systems, and as a consequence, they will have file system redirection, which 
means that they will show the contents of %window%\SysWow64 and present it 
as being %windir%\System32. You should get a Windows x64 compatible version 
of your backup solution from your software vendor.

x64 versions of Veritas and Atempo backup solutions should be available 
shortly, as mentionned on this page:

Windows XP Pro x64 Machine comes with a 64-Bit version of NTBackup. This 
means that NTBackup will show you woth System32 and SysWow64 directories, 
and can backup/restore them.

A remote access to the whole disk through \\machinename\c$ shows the whole 
filesystem, which means that you'll see both the 
\\machinename\c$\Windows\System32 and \\machinename\c$\Windows\SysWow64\ 

I guess so but I'm unsure. May be someone can have an more detailled answer 
to this question.

Some information about "File System Redirection" in Windows x64:


Christophe Lauer - Relations Techniques Editeurs de Logiciels
Division Deloppeurs et Plateforme d'Entreprise - Microsoft France
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no

Re: 32bit -- 64bit different browser-results

Postby Dennis Pack » Sun, 22 May 2005 08:21:33 GMT

Ghost 9.0 would copy the x64 image while running xp32 but after installing 
the image it would corrupt. Retrospect 7.0 installs and functions properly 
in x64. 

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