Installation issues

windows 64bit

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  • 1. Reading perfmon data save to a SQL table.
    I configured Perfmon counter logs to store data in a SQl table. This appears to work correctly. The problem is when I try to retrieve the data with perfmon. I'm doing this just to see if the data is valid. Eventually I'll retreive the data with code. Here's my steps. Open Perfmon Right click on the graph -> properties ->Source Select Database Log set: <Log set not found> <<<<<----- This appears to be my problem. Any one know why there isn't a valid log set there? There appears to be data in the table. I can run a query against it successfully.
  • 2. dual boot problems x64, xp
    AMD 64 4000+ 2 Gig mem 7800 GTX K8NSLI 2 x 120 Gig IDE 2 x 160 Gig SATA quick basic rundown. hey I have had x64 set up for several months and mostly it has worked fine. my system recently crashed after I did a win update and nvidia firmware. I get a blue screen o death with a ton of stuff written on it but it goes away too fast to read any of it. I decided to add an old install of xp (home) i had from an old computer to do some diagnostic trials. The os are each installed on the IDE drives. I think i can get the os problem figured out. My real issue is that I can't get my two SATA drives to be work under the xp home install. They are seen correctly in device manager but I cannot get access to them. MY entire music and movie collections are on them and I am curious as to why I can't get at them. In disk management they are listed as disk 2 and 3 but they have ! on the icon and status is listed as "foreign". any ideas?
  • 3. PdhCollectQueryData error
    Calls to PdhCollectQueryData on NT, 2K, and XP work fine when running under standard User credentials. Under XP x64 the call succeeds for Administrators but fails when running under standard User credentials with the error PDH_NO_DATA / 0x800007D5 / No data to return. I'd like to know whether this is by design and whether the user now needs to have a certain permission to succeed. Thanks -- Al
  • 4. Installing x64 from PE?
    This may be a dumb question, but I can't readily find anything on how to install x64 other than booting to the CD. I work in an enterprise environment and we build images using WindowsPE. I know I have seen that BDD supports creating x64 images, so it must be possible to start an install from PE, but how?? Any information or links would be greatly appreciated... Thanks, Richard

Installation issues

Postby Y29tcHV0ZXIgZml4ZXI » Fri, 27 May 2005 12:30:01 GMT

I finally got my download link and cd key email.  i tried installing it, and 
it finishes through the first part and then reboots.  When it tries to load 
windows x64 to finish the install, i get an error saying "{windows 
root}\system32\ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt, re-install the file"  i have 
tried using the recovery console to copy it and that works, but it still wont 
boot. i even redownloaded and burned the image.  i can still access my 
windows xp 32 bit, and yes i am installing them on separate partitions.  what 
is wrong with my 64 bit install?

Re: Installation issues

Postby Charlie Russel - MVP » Fri, 27 May 2005 14:38:13 GMT

One of two things:
1.) you need to copy the 64 bit ntoskrnl.exe to the root directory of the 
32-bit install.
2.) you need updated storage controller drivers. See some of the other 
threads here for details about how to get and load SATA or RAID drivers.


Re: Installation issues

Postby Aimbie » Sat, 28 May 2005 07:16:39 GMT

Where do you come up with your advise? None of these suggestions have
anything to do with the problem. Do you get an MVP by the number of post?


Re: Installation issues

Postby Charlie Russel - MVP » Sat, 28 May 2005 14:57:57 GMT

In a word, no. And I certainly don't get paid to be here, being abused for 
trying to help people. If you've been following this ng, you'd know that the 
problems with beta storage drivers have caused exactly this behaviour.


Re: Installation issues

Postby Y29tcHV0ZXIgZml4ZXI » Sun, 29 May 2005 06:01:03 GMT

i tried copying the 64bit ntoskrnl.exe to the 32 bit install, that caused 
neither to boot.  i tried getting sata drivers but when windows tried 
installing them from the floppy it said they were not supported by 64bit 
windows. i will continue looking for 64bit drivers.

Re: Installation issues

Postby Charlie Russel - MVP » Sun, 29 May 2005 06:07:32 GMT

You need to get specific 64-bit drivers for _your_ motherboard and SATA 
controller. See for the latest drivers.


Re: Installation issues

Postby Y29tcHV0ZXIgZml4ZXI » Tue, 31 May 2005 02:03:02 GMT

i went to and downloaded the drivers for my sata controller.  
i still have the same problem.  I also tried changing the  values in my 
boot.ini file, and instead of the ntoskrnl.exe error i got one about hardware 
configuration. In case it has anything to do with it, i have a MSI K8N Neo 
Platinum mobo wth the NForoce 3 250Gb chipset, i have 1 maxtor 80gig IDE HDD 
with winxp home, and am trying to install xp x64 on my Western Digital  74gig 
raptor, which is connected to sata1 on the mobo.

Installation Issues

Postby Sandeep Thakker » Tue, 25 Apr 2006 23:53:23 GMT

I think I got stuck with these two X64 machines. I bought two HP XW4300 
Workstations. They both have Pentium IV X64 bit Windows Prof X64 bit edition 
on it. Running gr8. Except I have problems with printer drivers and other 
issues. That's not a question here. I bought these machines to create Test 
environment for SQL 2005 and Windows Server 2003. So I tried installtion 
Windows 2003 Server R2 64 bit and X64 it did not work. It does not find a 
hard disk. So I tired Windows 2003 Standard (32bit) edition and it gives me 
the same error. It gives same error on Windows XP (32bit). It does not allow 
me to install Windows 2000 prof or Server. It installs Windows 98 fine but 
does not run (Which is strange) I can run ghost using Windows 98 boot disk. 
So I tired Windows Vista beta and it installed and running fine.

My initial goal is to install Windows 2003 Server 64 bit or 32 bit now. Can 
someone help me here please?

Sandeep Thakker 

Re: Installation Issues

Postby Gary » Wed, 26 Apr 2006 03:27:08 GMT

You need a floppy driver disk for the disk controller 64 Bit. And Hit F6 to 
install the driver when you are setting up the OS.

Re: Installation Issues

Postby Charlie Russel - MVP » Wed, 26 Apr 2006 04:10:49 GMT

If they're already running Windows XP x64 Edition, then they will work fine 
with Server 2003 x64 Edition. These two products use exactly the same code 

HP should have provided a driver for the storage controller. Put this driver 
on a floppy, if it isn't already, and then boot off the installation CD. 
When the first blue screen shows up, it will have a message at the bottom 
about pressing F6 to add additional storage drivers. Press F6, and when 
prompted, put the floppy in the floppy drive and press S to add additional 
storage drivers.


Installation issues

Postby QmFuayBUZWNoaWU » Sat, 13 Jun 2009 02:55:02 GMT

My workplace has a PC with an OEM Version of Windows XP installed.  The 
software wasn't activated and somebody removed the key, so we purchased a new 
XP Pro Full Version with SP2 to install and correct the issues.  Because of 
the situation, we can't log in to Windows at all on this machine.  I want to 
install the new XP Pro, but get an error when I boot up the PC with the 
software in the disk drive.  Any advice?  I would be totally happy to 
reformat this thing and start from scratch if anybody has tips for that 
process.  Thanks!

RE: Installation issues

Postby Q2FybG9z » Sat, 13 Jun 2009 03:44:01 GMT

I think your OS is Windows XP 32-bit and this NG deals exclusively with 
64-bit OSs.
Please post in the proper NG if you are a "32-bit man".
Try to describe your problem more precisely your issue.
What is the meaning of "get an error when I boot up the PC with the software 
in the disk drive".
What is the error message? Does it happen during the installation or after 
the OS is installed? What disk (Optical or hard disk)?
Best of luck.

RE: Installation issues

Postby QmFuayBUZWNoaWU » Sat, 13 Jun 2009 04:08:01 GMT

Thank you.  I will check on the 32-bit vs 64-bit question first.  I will also 
write down the specific error and try to post in the correct area, if this 
isn't it.  I'm not sure how to tell if it's the optical or hard disk.  

RE: Installation issues

Postby Q2FybG9z » Sat, 13 Jun 2009 04:42:01 GMT

Not a rule of thumb, but optical (CD or DVD) would give a "read error".
Hard disk failure could be write or read error.

Re: Installation issues

Postby Bobby Johnson » Sat, 13 Jun 2009 05:46:16 GMT

The 0x0000007B means a driver is missing or corrupted for the hard drive 
controller.  This also means the computer is trying to boot from the 
hard drive and not from the CD drive.

To boot from the CD drive you will have to make the computer boot from 
it.  When the computer starts up is there a prompt to boot from the CD? 
  If so press any key.  If not you will need to get into the BIOS a set 
the CD drive as the 1st boot device.

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