Workgroup in win xp professional having windows 2000 server

windows 64bit

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Workgroup in win xp professional having windows 2000 server

Postby cmF2aQ » Sat, 10 Mar 2007 14:22:05 GMT

 actually i have a query in winxp professional. i have windows 2000 server 
and having workstation of xp professional. I have around (200 workstations) 
having one domain (i.e) windows 2000 server. let me come to my query.
 I want to create a workgroup in different names (i.e) like accounts, 
marketing, HR, Manager under one domain. if possible let me know how to 
in other words if I click network it will dispplay my domain where under 
domain all the different workgroups  should show. is it possible to do so. fi 
so let me know.
thank u

Re: Workgroup in win xp professional having windows 2000 server

Postby Charlie Russel - MVP » Sat, 10 Mar 2007 15:41:38 GMT

What you're asking isn't really possible. You can have separate domains, and 
they'll show accordingly. And there are parts of what you're asking for in 
OUs. But really, this isn't a question for this newsgroup, which is focused 
on 64bit questions, but a question for an AD or Server newsgroup.

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>-----Original Message-----
>>-----Original Message-----
>>I currently own two computers. One runs Windows 2000 
>>Professional, the other runs Windows XP Media Center. I 
>>have tried to network between the two operating systems 
>>having each join a common work group and using a router 
>>the connecting device between both computers. The router 
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