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  • 1. Plugin for Notepad?
    Hi, I'd like to ask whether it is possible to include plugin to Notepad? Due to the hardware design of this Bluebird PDA, which has an in-built thermal printer, the Notepad on this Win CE .NET 4.2 does not print (nothing come out after tapping Print button). So, I got the API, and its library, and already come out with my own printing engine and already in use by my application. I thought I would want to open this benefit to this Bluebird PDA users so that they can print and with various character appearance adjustment. Is Notepad support underlying plugin somewhere? Or must I go and write one (PrintPad?) myself? (text editor) Thanks. Khan Ming
  • 2. Help needed from MFC and COM gurus
    I have an already existing MFC based Exe developed i have to add automation support to the existing .Exe, How can i achieve this. If i can add a simple ATL object to the existing MFC Exe, will i be able to create an instance of this Exe from my script (Say VB script) and call the functions accordingly. Scenario : Say a user has to be authenticated through webserver or FTP, I have written a custom validate function for my system in Validate.Dll, This Dll will be loaded by my Myapp.exe. Myapp.exe is a MFC based DLL. User details are present in Validate.Dll. How can a user be authenticated by using the functionality of my custom DLL through webserver or FTP server. Any suggessions would be helpful,
  • 3. Breaking out of WaitCommEvent in CE 5.0
    My read thread has a call to WaitCommEvent that used to get an event when I closed the port using CloseHandle. This worked for CE 3.0 and 4.2. Now I loaded my app on a 5.0 device and it doesn't seem to return. Does anyone know if there were any changes in 5.0 for this? I didn't see anything about it in the documentation. Thanks. Gene Chang
  • 4. Internet Explorer and text encodings
    Hi, everybody! I have Windows CE .NET 4.2 mobile computer, that must be enabled to show properly Web pages encoded in code pages, that are not included in the OS image of the device. I'm just starting to explore the issue of how to write and add additional character filters to the Internet Explorer (View -> Encoding menu). I would really appreciate if someone gives me a hint about the general principle of these filters, and from where to start. Thanks!

CE 5.0 Profession/CE.Net 4.2 and Mobile 5

Postby Bruce L-C [MVP] » Thu, 10 May 2007 23:54:16 GMT

I have two types of handheld devices that I would like to write an app for 
(preferably a single app for both). One is running CE.5.0 
Professional/CE.net 4.2, the other is running Mobile 5.

I am experienced in VB.net 2005 but I have never developed for a mobile 
device before. The application is fairly simple. Some menus, getting some 
user input and then calling a stored procedure in SQL Server 2005 (or I 
could do web services if that is better). In some cases I will query data 
and show a list.

I have been reading up and I get confused on what is possible. Can I count 
that both of the above have compact 2.0 framework? Does CE.Net 4.2 come with 
compact framework or does that need to be installed?

These two devices are very similar (same screen resolution for example).

The vendors websites are pretty vague so I might need to contact them with 
further questions but I don't know what to ask.

So, my questions are:
    What needs to be in place/what should I check on that I could tell if 
these two devices could run the same app.
    Can I / should I call SQL Server directly from the device or would web 
services be better/easier way to develop.


Bruce Loehle-Conger 

Re: CE 5.0 Profession/CE.Net 4.2 and Mobile 5

Postby Paul G. Tobey [eMVP] » Fri, 11 May 2007 00:54:41 GMT

> I have been reading up and I get confused on what is possible. Can I count 

No, you can't count on this, although they may have .NET CF 2.0.

As with *all* components of Windows CE, this is *entirely* up to the device 
OEM.  There is absolutely nothing that you can say generally about Compact 
Framework and Windows CE devices.  Some have it, either .NET CF 1.0 or 2.0, 
you can't tell which, some will not have it at all.

If the devices have the same version of the .NET CF on them, then the 
program should run in a relatively similar manner on them all.

There's no right answer to this question.  It's much more direct to contact 
the server with no Web service in the middle and that's probably how I'd do 
it on our devices, as they are generally fixed in space or in areas where 
network connectivity is relatively reliable.  However, if your devices are 
totally mobile, you can't count on the network being there at all 100% of 
the time.  In that case, merge replication would be a better choice 
(effectively eliminating Web services), as you can trigger replication when 
you're sure that you're in range of the network or at the end of a day or in 
some better situation that only you would recognize.  MR is *much* 
more-difficult to set up, so I wouldn't use it unless you have to, but, if 
you are in an intermittent connection environment, it's designed for your 

Paul T.

Re: CE 5.0 Profession/CE.Net 4.2 and Mobile 5

Postby Bruce L-C [MVP] » Fri, 11 May 2007 01:11:11 GMT

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll ask the vendors if it comes with CF and 
what version.

I can count on being connected. Right now it is a terminal emulation to a 
Unix server using vt 220 emulation. We have used that for ages and have now 
recently upgraded the devices and network. They now are all connected 
wirelessly all the time. We went to a lot of effort to make sure there were 
no dead spots (otherwise they lose their connection to the unix box and have 
to log back in).


"Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]" <p space tobey no spam AT no instrument no spam DOT 

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