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USB Composite Driver

Postby c2FyYXRoeQ » Sun, 14 Dec 2008 01:35:01 GMT

I am having some doubts in Win CE 6.0 USB Composite client.

I have added two client drivers 1.mass storage client and 2. serial client 
for acitvesync, and I am mounting my nand flash file system(FAT) as Mass 

Both(Mass storage and Active Sync) are detecting in host side(PC), but i am 
facing the following problems:

1. In Mass Storage when i copied a file it is not immediately updating in 
the client side(WinCE Device) and when i disconnect the USB cable then also 
it is not showing that file, when i again connected the cable it is 
refreshing the window that time only it is showing that file, is it the 
problem in file system?(i am using wince FAT file system) or problem in 
composite driver?

2. Activesync is not automatically detecting, in device manager(PC side) 
when i disabled the device and enabled then only it is detecting. But in 
VISTA it is detecting automatically.what is the problem?

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I'll develop Usb Composite Driver WDM.

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If does you know about this develop, let me know, plz~

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On 10 Sep, 09:41, Zec < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:
> Hi~
> I'm a primary wdm developer.
> I'll develop Usb Composite Driver WDM.
> But I don't know about USB Composite Driver.
> I havn't sample code and how to develop Usb Composite Driver.
> If does you know about this develop, let me know, plz~
> Thank you ~ :-)

I think the toaster sample code has a bus driver in it.  (Its part of
the old DDK samples, 3790 has it)

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