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    Hi, What does this standard SDK do ?? Do I require it as my application is a MFC app written in EVC++4.0. This is working on the hardware which has Windows CE5.0 The core does not include this, how do I know my App requires this SDK. thanks Regards Prasanna
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    Hi, I am getting the following error in the debug version of Win CE 5.0. Once this error occurs, the device hangs. I have to reset it to start again. NK Kernel: DEBUGCHK failed in file c:\macallan\private\winceos\coreos\nk\kernel\schedule.c at line 4533 I am developing a multimedia player application. The error does not appear to be generated from this application. In the schedule.c file in the kernel directory, one of the attributes (CLEANEVENT lpce) for the current thread is NULL. Thats when the error occurs. Has anyone come across this error in Win CE? Suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you Bala
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Re : mktime not includet other ways?

Postby lexbguard-usenet » Fri, 04 Feb 2005 23:06:03 GMT

Hello JC,

I think you mean time.h ?

Had the same problem over here today. I included a large 
portion of native C which came from a linux system 
which uses mktime. I could include the time.h file and 
get the proto types but I couldn't use the mktime function
in my native C parts (also not in the C++ parts of the project).

It can be fixed by creating a file e.g. ce_conv.cpp 
containing : 

** standard C functions (wrapped Windows CE C++ code)

#include <Afx.h>	// needed for CTime and WCE_FCTN
#include <time.h>	// needed for time_t

extern "C" time_t mktime(struct tm *tm);

time_t mktime(struct tm *tm)
	return WCE_FCTN(mktime)(tm) ; 
/* END CODE */

Just include time.h into the C source file where you need the 
mktime function. 
In the C++ source file where you need the mktime 
just add the above extern "C" time_t mktime.... declaration.

This trick also works with other stdlibC functions.

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