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Re: Download CE image on a CF card

Postby Paul G. Tobey [eMVP] » Tue, 22 Aug 2006 23:46:41 GMT

Sounds like you haven't tried anything.  How about just copying it to the 
card and making sure that your bootloader knows the drive number of the 
card?  You've told us absolutely nothing about the target system, either, so 
we can't really point you to source code to read or documentation.  Is it 
x86?  What BSP are you using?

Paul T.

Download CE image on a CF card

Postby praf » Wed, 23 Aug 2006 06:39:03 GMT

I need some directions from you guys. I have 2 computers one running 
Platform Builder the other one the intended target for the OS. THe 
target has a hard drive, but I want to boot CE from a CF card (the 
reader is connected to the IDE channel). How can I transfer the bootable 
image to the CF card? The platform builder computer has also a CF card 
reader. Does it make sense what I am asking? I started to read the 
documentation but I am totally at a loss with workspaces, catalogs and 
so on.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Download CE image on a CF card

Postby praf » Wed, 23 Aug 2006 06:57:43 GMT

Right: the target is a x86 hardware platform (a Via Eden processor, 
completely fanless, with a harddrive, and a CF card).

I have to mention that the Platform builder computer is an Intel based one.

None of the 2 have a floppy drive.


Re: Download CE image on a CF card

Postby Paul G. Tobey [eMVP] » Wed, 23 Aug 2006 07:11:32 GMT

OK, so it's an Eden board of some sort, presumably with a BIOS and able to 
run DOS.  VIA has several boot utilities available for putting a boot image 
of CE on a disk of one sort or another and having it loaded.  QuickBoot is 
the one that comes to mind, but I might be wrong about the name.  It's a 
bootloader component that is placed in the boot sector of a 'hard disk' and 
which, when the BIOS loads it, opens nk.bin from the same disk, loads it 
into RAM, and jumps to it.  This question is very much BSP-dependent, so 
you'll have to see what resources you have from the BSP vendor (VIA).

Paul T.

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My old board has no support from the vendor anymore and it is initially 
running on
prioprietary OS thus there is no BSP. It used to run on CF card. The files 
extracted are
1) autorun.cmd
2) boot.rom
3) config.xml
4) update.z  - my research shows that it is a unix compressed archive file

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Hi all,

we are using Windows CE 5.0 on a PC104 board. The os image (nk.bin) is 
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If i switch to a larger card with 256 or 512 MB, Windows CE hangs on the 
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No errors or further information (e.g. boot me messages) is sent through 
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Sebastian Petters

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When I insert the CF Card,  I can see the DSK2: mounted, but I can't
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The following message shows the "CF Card Insert message"..
I don't know where the problem is.

Thanks for your great HELP.!!

FSDMGR!DetachStores: Completing delayed detach of store "DSK2:"
FSDMGR!PartitionDisk_t::~PartitionDisk_t: deleting partition
(D2FF0710)FSDMGR!StoreDisk_t::~StoreDisk_t: deleting store
(D2CCDC50)CellTSP: E : TSPI_providerRemoveDevice :
GetCardCRC: CardGetNextTuple returned fails
DEVICE!RegReadActivationValues RegQueryValueEx(Drivers\PCCARD\PCMCIA
\INSTANCE\PCMCIA1\Prefix) returned 2
DEVICE!RegReadActivationValues RegQueryValueEx(Drivers\PCCARD\PCMCIA
\INSTANCE\PCMCIA1\BusPrefix) returned 2
GetCardCRC: CardGetNextTuple returned fails
DEVICE!RegReadActivationValues RegQueryValueEx(Drivers\PCMCIA
\TRANSCEND-TS512MCF80-46E8\BusPrefix) returned 2
ATADISK: Attempting to register with PCMCIA.DLL
ATADISK: pATAReg = 0x400
ATADISK: pATARegAlt = 0x408. v_MemGran = 1
ATADISK: Using 16 bit I/O
ATADISK: CardRequestConfiguration 0x2 at 50 dV
PcmciaC :Voltage 50 Hight than initial value(33) Ignored !!!
ATADISK:ATAInitController entered
ATADISK:ATAInitController writing to ATA_REG_DRV_CTRL
ATADISK:ATAInitController done
ATADISK:UseCHSMode - RegQueryValueEx(CHSMode) returned 2
[NOTIFY] HandleSystemEvent 7 /ADD DSK2:
FSDMGR!MountStore: Attaching new storage device
"DSK2:"ATADISK:GetProfileName - Profile = PCMCIA, length = 14
FSDMGR!StoreDisk_t::OpenDisk(0xD2FF0610) DeviceInfo Class(0x00000001)
Flags(0x00000001) Type(0x40000024) Profile(PCMCIA)
FSDMGR!DumpRegKey: Dumping registry for key System\StorageManager
		AutoMount = 00000001
		AutoPart = 00000000
		AutoFormat = 00000000
		MountFlags = 00000000
		DefaultFileSystem =
		PartitionDriverName = MSPART
		Folder = Mounted Volume
FSDMGR!DumpRegKey: Dumping registry for key PCMCIA
		Name = PCMCIA/Compact Flash Device
		Folder = CFFolder
		AutoMount = 00000001
		AutoPart = 00000001
		AutoFormat = 00000001
		MountFlags = 00000000
		FileSystem = fatfsd.dll
		DefaultFileSystem = FATFS
		PartitionDriver = mspart.dll
FSDMGR!StoreDisk_t::GetPartitionDriver: Using the generated partition
driver name (mspart)!!!
FSDMGR!LoadPartitionDriver: Loading partition driver mspart.dll
MSPART!LoadDiskInfo (hDisk=0x0515002b) driver only supports deprecated
ioctl DISK_IOCTL_GETINFO; should support IOCTL_DISK_GETINFO instead!!!
MSPART!ReadSectors (hDisk=0x0515002b) driver only supports deprecated
ioctl DISK_IOCTL_READ; should support IOCTL_DISK_READ instead!!!
MSPART!ReadSectors (hDisk=0x0515002b) driver only supports deprecated
ioctl DISK_IOCTL_READ; should support IOCTL_DISK_READ instead!!!
FSDMGR!StoreDisk_t::MountStore: Opened the store "DSK2:"
MSPART!ReadSectors (hDisk=0x0515002b) driver only supports deprecated
ioctl DISK_IOCTL_READ; should support IOCTL_DISK_READ instead!!!
FSDMGR!StoreDisk_t::MountStore: Geometry: NumSec=1014048
BytesPerSec=512 FreeSec=0 BiggestCreatable=0
Partition WINCE  NumSectors=1013985
MSPART!PD_OpenPartition: dwStoreId=D2FF1230, PartName=WINCE
FSDMGR!StoreDisk_t::LoadPartition: mounting partition "WINCE" on store
"DSK2:"FSDMGR!ParitionDisk::LoadPartition: Partition Type 0x0e -->
FSDMGR!ParitionDisk::MountPartition: "FATFS" --> fatfsd.dll
FSDMGR!FileSystemDriver_t::~FileSystemDriver_t: deleting FSD

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